starting my build..

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by PoisonMyLife, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. PoisonMyLife

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    well i just got done sanding and priming my beach cruiser to get a fresh coat of white for tomorrow.

    i get my engine in 2 days.
    got my sickbikeparts throttle today but we had a problem, my handle bars are 1 inch and the throttle needs 7/8 of a inch. got my buddy( which is a welder) going to make me some custom handle bars..

    well going to be uploADING pictures tomorrow after school.

    if all goes well i should be riding by saturday!

    ill keep yall posted :)

  2. PoisonMyLife

    PoisonMyLife New Member

    ok just got the coat of white one! its looks pretty cool especaily at night!

    got my motor also today!

    pretty happy..was messing around with the motor for a little bit and everything looks good! great compression and nothing is damaged brand new!

    will get the motor on either tomorrow morning or if needed another coat of paint it will be friday

    pretty excited cant wait to get through the break in period and go fishing!

    will post pictures all at once and as soon as i get done
  3. VROOM

    VROOM Member

    Make sure to grease the engine well before you install it. Do a search here and you will find descriptions of all the areas that need greased. I'm looking forward to seeing your bike.
  4. PoisonMyLife

    PoisonMyLife New Member

    done with my first build had alot of problems!

    throttle cable to short...took out some of the spacers and made it work
    chinese chain broke...every ride, every start up the chain broke, found out that garage door chain works perfect
    engine had a little play...changed the brackets and it worked fine.

    amazing first build everything went perfect and enigne sounds great just waiting to ride :)
  5. PoisonMyLife

    PoisonMyLife New Member

    went for a nice ride today.
    pretty long ride and tomorrow going out for a fishing trip. hoping for the big one.

    got a problem with the carb, when i took it apart i forgot to replace the seal and know i got a tiny leak, but will be fixed asap
  6. PoisonMyLife

    PoisonMyLife New Member

    fixed the leak and know i found out a pin is broke in the throttle housing and the float wont stay in imma order a new one..
  7. motorpsycho

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    what pin broke?
    if you're referring to the one that's inside the carb body, it's not a good idea to run it with that pin gone.
    the pin leeps the slide in the right spot and it is possible that the slide can spin inside the carb.
    if it does spin, it could end up getting stuck at wide open throttle if the slot for the idle screw doesn't line up with the idle screw.
    what do you mean the float won't stay in place?
    the float is in place, inside the float bowl and it can't go anywhere.
    unless you are sayign that the carb is flooding over because the float level is set too high.
    what "seal" did you forget to replace? are you talking about the float bowl gasket?
  8. LR Jerry

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    Here are my guidelines for building:

    1) Predominant riding terrain.
    2) Primary rider's physique.
    3) Lookup and read local legal requirements.
    4) Type of bike.
    5) Budget.

    Stay within these guidelines and you'll have a bike you can enjoy riding. Good luck with your build.