Starting over on the GEBE...

I think I know what the holes are for seen lots on hdy. tanks, Duncan looks real mean.louis
So here is the *almost* finished idea. I still have to fill the tank with water, then braze in the connections, and add a bit of clear tubing with wire ties. So there we have an economy sight glass for viewing fuel level... Oh, and I don't mean the kind of wire ties that come on your loaf of bread from the store; smaller gauge stainless wire twisted to seal the tubing onto the connections... LOL


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Thanks. I was inspired, and thought I'd give it a shot. I think it looks good and this avoids hassles of running out of fuel, or of having to crane your neck around trying to see the little tank on the rear of the engine, or stopping to open the tank and swishing it around to see hoiw much fuel is left. just a quick glance and you have a general idea of where you're at and how much farther you can go...
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Looking good. Hey that Monark looks very familiar. Hope it travels well. I am still brazing 2 happy time tanks together, for the dual look. I can't get it to seal. Zomby<----< is a crappy welder.
I feel ya' zombie... I'm not the best at it either, but getting better with each project. This one sealed, but I still need to pressure test it to be sure...


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So I've got the other parts I've been waiting for, and have attached the drive ring (sheave) to the Whizzer rear wheel, i'm now working on stripping the frame for powdercoat, and machining some parts for the spring fork to clear the front drum set-up... More updates are to come as this beast comes together. I've also decided to go ahead and name it the "Addams Flyer" and am going to attemp to cast a headbadge for it... :):cool:
Addams :cool:

i see an old-school logo sporting that name on the tank, too :)
Yeah me too. I've been looking at old signage, sign paionting, etc. from around the edwardian time period to get the lettering/font style correct...
Bike Emblem

Somewhere around here I have a pic of a "badge" a friend made years back for his bike.

He took an UK shilling or Irish one and carefully removed what he wanted.

Then, as I recall, he etched some words on it. I think he heated it and bent it around a dowel and epoxied it to the bike.

The epoxy then was not so good, or his work was poor, and it got lost, but he did it again and screwed to to the frame, which is pic I have, if I still have it. Not digital, so will have to scan, if I can locate...

It was 25 years ago, now that I thought about it. I am old...and the US dollar was not in the tank, so I guess it was a cheap badge - then!
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