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    Well since the last photos i have done some things to the bike that have made it much better. I finally got some brakes although not rear brakes, still trying to figure that one out. Got a sweet $ 10.00 speedometer that i have no clue if it tells the truth. Installed a sound dampening kit which i have to say is awesome for vibration and sound. I put a Sweet 50. cal ammo can on the back next to the seat which is great for a 6 pack o-beer. I put the pedals back on but having trouble bending the left one just right to clear the pull start and be straight. Got a mirror to see the idiots approaching from the rear. Bought a head light today at Pep Boys and thinking if i can steal my daughters power wheels battery. I have a couple more things that i have planned like a throttle cable roller bearing thingee. Also is a photo of what the $20 bike looked like when i got it.

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    Well done. Those are some righteous apes.
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    Wow... you are literally sitting on the center line of the rear axle???

    Is that front end not very light and come off the ground while hitting bumps???

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    No i have not had any cases of the front end coming up on me. The bike fits me just right. It rides so smooth.
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    actually, the rear brake is simple.
    just use the stock caliper and put a spacer under the left side caliper where it bolts to the frame and bend the caliper up slightly. this will help it clear the chain.
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    Bending peddle cranks is not a good thing ! You need to fix the clearance problem by modifing the exhaust pipe or get a wide crank assembly. If you bend one crank it's going to mess up the diameter of the crank rotation pattern. One foot will making a larger circular pattern than the other foot when peddling. If there's more than an inth of an inch of differance, you'll notice it and probably won't like it !
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    heck, all i did on my o.c.c chopper was cut a little off the backside of the crank (on the left to clear the exhaust).
    I had to remove about 1/4" of the material so that the left crank would clear the exhaust pipe. I don't peddle my bike so if i bent the cranks for clearance, it wouldn't matter to me.
    Actually i have my cranks mounted so thet they are both in the down postion at the same time...they are just used for foot rests and not for peddling.