Starting up internet business or Career choice? Vendor Maybe?

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    I'm 31 and still haven't found what I want to do yet. I have a couple years of college done, with no major declared because nothing stands out to me. Plus the debt you accrue in this economy and what a degree will actually get you makes it not too appealing to pursue.

    I've always thought I would end up in white collar work, but after working on these bikes and discovering that I'm pretty technically inclined (although inexperienced and ignorant), and how I actually LIKE working on them everyday.... I'm starting to think that I would be much happier doing work with my hands, as long as I had creative input.

    i'm envious of those of you who are specialists- either mechanics, painters, machinists, welders, etc.. because you can do so much more than slap an engine on a bike. I know that the actual day 2 day job might be a lot more boring and monotonous than what you do in your free time, so I have to consider that.

    Starting something new @ 31 seems almost too late when most of the kids in these apprenticeships or classes are fresh out of H.S.

    I'd love to work for myself by having an online business of some type. I have been considering maybe selling some engines on ebay, and then working my way up to having an established web business as a vendor. Ordering the engines wholesale from China is the easy part.

    The best way is to find a niche like "The Manic Mechanic" and make aftermarket upgrades I think. I won't be able to do that, but many vendors don't. Many just sell the kits and the individual parts.

    If not bike engines, then something wholesale from China is where it's at. You can find anything under the sun wholesale. Trouble is the risk of carrying that much inventory and not knowing if it will sell.

    Drop shipping is a less risky option, but the profit margin is a lot smaller.

    If anyone has any relevant experience or advice for me, I'd appreciate it.

    The other thing I'd love to do is travel around the world. I was thinking I could set up a business in another country selling gas bikes. Problem with that is with Costa Rica for example... You can own a business but you can't atually do any of the work. You have to employ the locals to do the work. That would be no good.