Starting up my first build, Chelsea

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  1. just a quick vid of my motorbike Chelsea being ran. She has no weight on her, the chain hasn't been put on, so it's putting out a couple hundred more RPM's than usual

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  2. Samdallas214

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    That's a nice MB, it looks like so much work went in to it love it.
    Like the color to
  3. Thanks! I've enjoyed every minute of this build, amazing how far it came from the original bike. I think my exhaust gasket didn't seal correctly last time I put the exhaust back on. I'll be fixing that tomorrow and uploading the updated video of the "non-exhaust-leak" engine xP I expect a nice putter
    And the color is just Rustoleum's Maui Blue, It's gorgeous in the sunlight
  4. rawly old

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    Outstanding young man!
    I love the springer fork. What engine is that?
  5. Thankyou, a guy on this forum sent me that leaf spring
    Its a Tecumseh H35, 153cc 4 stroke, 3.5hp. Used on tillers in the 80's and early 90's. They also made a few version's for Go Karts, which is what this is. Only difference is the Exhaust placement. Great motor, runs strong. Just cranky to start up, notice the smile? I was happy it actually started. xD
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    That's a solid engine, bit heavy for my tastes. They
    can be cold blooded. try giving the carb a shot of
    starter fluid,(ether). It should fire right up.