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Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by MoonKS, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. MoonKS

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    I haven't done much yet - but a few weeks ago I got new handlebars - today I picked up a new hairpin spring seat that is smaller than the stock saddle that comes on the NE5. I also picked up a generic gloss black rack. I figure I couldn't go wrong at $12 for the rack. I went with black instead of chrome because the fenders are chrome and I am waiting for my 24 x 3 cream colored tires to come in (they shipped 26"ers by mistake).

    Oh, I also took the chain guard off to how I liked it - and I dropped the handlebars a bit more. I am debating on getting a black rear fender and doing away with the front chrome one altogether when I get the cream tires - I'll experiment and see what I like best.

    My wife exclaimed tonight - "There you go again. Once you get get into something you REALLY go overboard". A man's gotta have hobbies and experience as much as he can - I only live once!



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  2. bbeards2

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    What kind of engine is that?
  3. MoonKS

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    The standard Whizzer NE5 - which I am digging so far :)
  4. Irish John

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    She's a beauty. It looks like a proper motorised bicycle of the sort that were plentiful years ago.
    2 questions - 1. has it got gears and, if so, how many?
    2. What is it's comfortable cruising speed on the flat?
  5. MoonKS

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    Hi John,

    It's a new 07 Whizzer - not sure about the gearing - she has an auto clutch and I am afraid I don't know much about motors and such (I am looking to take a class in small engine repair).

    I am still in the break-in phase with just around 340 miles on her. Since doing the simplest mod with the restrictor plate and the exhaust - I know she will do 40 MPH - but I am not pushing her yet. I will wait another 160 miles (a few weeks of riding) and I will see what she has and what is the most comfortable cruising speed.