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    Hey everyone, I'm new to riding motor bikes and with repairing.
    as of yesterday I would start pedaling and my engine would turn on for a few seconds then it would die out. It would not rev when I move the throttle. a few days ago i had a minor gas leak where the carb meets the engine. (it was too spaced out i suppose, so i re-adjusted it.)
    I looked on some threads here on the site. I took apart my carb and found that it was flooded with gas.
    as of now i have a good amount of gas in my tank my carb isnt flooded or leaking.
    any idea or advice?

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    I had the same problem. It turned out to be the coil/magneto. It was fried due to getting wet while riding in the rain. I learned that you have to seal the coil compartment with silicone. To test the coil use a volt meter set at 200k on the ohms setting. Touch the meter leads to the two solder points where the wires are connected to the coil. It should read somewhere between 400-700. If it stays at .1 then the coil is bad. I also went ahead and replaced the CDI as well to give it an entire new electrical system. You can get a good deal on the two parts on eBay. The coil and CDI are the same system used on regular motorcycles. I found a lot of good videos on the subject on YouTube. Remember that just because the plug fires a little bit does not mean the coil is good. Hope this info will help on this subject.