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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by KodiakZero, May 19, 2013.

  1. KodiakZero

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    Okay so, i installed my very first motor onto my bike. Unfortunately, it isn't running. When i release the clutch when riding and pedal, it doesn't start. I can hear the engine turning, but it dies as the bike slows and stops. Turning the throttle doesn't do anything to help either; not sure what the issue is.

  2. BigBlue

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    Is the kill switch installed? If it is, then remove it to see if that is the problem. It needs fuel and spark to run. Is the spark plug wet? Are you getting spark? Is the choke on or off? Is the spark plug wire securely fastened to the CDI? Did you try starting it with the gas cap removed? Sometimes they are not vented.

    Here's a couple guides to help you diagnose your problem. Unfortunately, it will take some time and patience to figure it out.
    http://www.grubeeinc.com/USA/2 cycle engine trouble shooting guide.html

    Good Luck and let us know if you figured it out.

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    Is that first guide available elsewhere for those that can't get 'docs.google.com' to load?
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    Could be an intake air leak. You could try some gasket sealer on both sides of the intake manifold gasket.
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    It is the first posted Sticky in 2-Stroke Engine, "What EVERY NOOB needs to read". Some of the information from the Google Docs is not included. Since I guess you need Chrome to read the documents, and not everyone has Chrome or the ability to have Chrome installed on their device. I know not everyone uses a computer to access this forum. I'll bookmark the Sticky, so I can direct NOOBS in the future that don't have Chrome installed. Thanks for reminding me.

    It is evident that some NOOBs never read the Sticky or even introduce themselves to the forum. Many of their frustrations and problems would take care of themselves if they took a few minutes to actually read, rather than asking others to help them out. I believe in empowering yourself, rather than being hand-held by someone else.

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    thanx - if I ever get chrome, I'll cut & paste it
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    right, take out spark plug, put it in the cap that goes on it, pedal , drop clutch and turn motor over, hold rubber not the plug! and put plug tip near motor head n look 4 spark, if yes put some engine starter spray onto piston (thru spark plug hole) then fully open choke and try it , if no spark lemme know. if still nothing happens, make sure the throttle slides not stuck closed and opens fine (at no throttle should have a 3mm gap) any luck?
  8. HeadSmess

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    first, yes. check the spark.

    spark present? move on.

    no spark? check wiring. blue and black from motor straight to blue and black on coil. disconnect killswitch completely. check for spark. no spark at this point means measure resistance between blue and black wire from motor. should be in the 350 ohms range. a little more or less is nothing, a major difference (like nothing or a huge resistance) means get a new magneto. if the magnetos fine, its the coil. worth swapping for a new plug before changing the coil, in case.

    so...theres spark, but it doesnt run?

    disconnect carby from manifold. pour a few cc of fuel down the intake. if everythings good, it should start up, rev up, then die.

    this being the case, dismantle clean and reassemble carby.

    fresh fuel, no water, raise needle in slide to top, or put eclip in bottom slot, richening the low/mid side of things. stock jet should be slightly too large.... more on this subject later.

    if, despite there being a spark, and fuels getting into the engine, it still wont start... remove magneto cover (4 small screws) and check, firstly... that the magnet/ flywheel, has its two round faces horizontal (flats at 12 and 6 oclock). the key (remove the nut and washer to see) should be at approx 1 oclock at TDC, or 7 oclock at BDC. it may have been put in the wrong way around. meaning theres spark but at the wrong time. it wont run :(

    if its ok here, check for oil/residue around the crank seal just under the magnet/flywheel. seal might not even have been installed!

    still no luck? start checking the gaskets...the main crankcase gasket, the bottom cylinder gasket, etc.

    tighten head bolts.
  9. KodiakZero

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    Alright, i checked all of the above, and nothing was out of wack. I did turn the choke to off though, and after a little bit got it to start. I guess it was just stubborn. It doesn't idle though (it stalls when I come to a stop); my sprk plug is black (which means to rich?) and there is gas that drips ever so slowly from the carburater which I think is coming from that black thing on it...which I think is the air intake. I messed with the idle screw, and if its screwed in too far, I can't even get it running (sounds like it tries to, but its like the throttle isn't feeding it right). It actually runs better with the screw pulled out more.
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  10. joshua97

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    right, take spark plug out and wipe to clean. turn motor over fast without plug in. leave for 24 hrs then put plug in.take air filter off (the black cover) choke on! as in slide is closed, then try to start ( apply about 1/4 throttle to 1/3 throttle, if it start to fire drop choke and get motor warm, replace air filter n try again,
  11. joshua97

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    u also said theres fuel coming from air filter? I'm thinking the seat is stuck, remove carb bowl and move that gold piece of metal up n down a bit incase its stuck) (above white float) and c if that stops leak, or try youtube?