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    'Martin LED' is soon to produce a 3300-lumen lamp for only about $200, and they already have voltage regulated 1000 lumen SST-50 lamps. These are made for off road vehicles and need a remote switch, but will they work good for motored bikes?

    Seen any others?

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    right place

    thats just in case some one found the wrong place.

    so far there doesn't seem to be any D.O.T. aproved head lamps that don't cost a fortune. like $800 and nothing for motor cycles.
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    Won't be coming soon to my bike. Sheesh! ONLY$200 for a light???
    Does it come with its own wheels and motor? Nothing out there to see worth that kind of dough.
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    it says they run on 6v... correct me if I am wrong but doesnt the magneto produce 5.5v (ie the white wire)???

    Will that be a problem??? Other than that they look great... I would love to have one if it works.
  5. SirJakesus

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    •5/8” thick glass lens can be flipped to make a wide or narrow beam

    •900 lumens is as bright as a high quality 35w halogen but only consumes 10w

    •Life of 50,000 hours is 50 times the life span of most halogen bulbs

    •Lights are fully submersible

    •3 brightness modes make this light even more versatile

    •Anodized billet aluminum body and stainless hardware

    •Anodizing available in clear, black, blue, green, red, and gold

    Sounds really promising to me. However for half that price you could buy 2 900 lumen high output flashlights and with little modification adapt them into a dual headlight system with remote power source off of the handlebars.
    Looking at the beamshots these things seem totally unusable for road use unless the narrow beam configuration can be aimed well enough to keep from blinding motorists. The output compared to auto headlights seems too good to be true. I'm skeptical now until I see a larger company ramp up production on this technology.
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    something better?

    what do you mean unusable? too nerrow? or too wide? and will the flash lights you mention run for, how long? Well I would love to find something perfect.

  7. SirJakesus

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    The beamshot picture on the site looks like its lighting up to the tops of the trees. Great for off roading but you'd blind people on the road.
    The flashlights could be modified to run for as long as you wanted them to with the proper battery setup. Sites like have good (relatively) inexpensive led flashlights and components. I get my battery packs from and
  8. Alaskavan

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    The beam shot is of the "flood" mode. I could imagine having dual lights with one in the flood mode and one in a tight beam mode. Just turn off the flood when traffic approaches. When I run at night, I rarely encounter traffic, but I always worry about critters.