Staton Chain Drive Mitsubishi Tle43 KIT

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by jfonto, Jun 18, 2009.

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    Hey, I won this. Now I just have to figure out which bicycle to put it on. :grin5:
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    Wow! Great steal. He should have taken my $450 offer. However, in a earlier post he was mean to Mountain Man. So I'm glad to see the seller got spanked a little. Congrats to you! Really good buy.
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    I'm just glad to be getting back on the road

    I did get a good deal and Mr. jfonto has good feedback as a seller. All of this makes me happy.

    I have sold a few things on ebay, including a V8 s-10 that I got almost nothing for. Sometimes, you do really well on ebay and other times... not so much. Speaking of ebay, I have got to go sell a few things before my wife spots the missing money. :sweatdrop:
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    I was defending myself against unsubstantiated lies about my kit: the only thing I said was that possibly he did it to get the price of my auction down so that he could scoop it up.

    I private messaged MM and asked him why he had this attitude towards me and he still couldn't be straight. maybe you could tell; what did i do?

    I'm sorry if I offended anyone but I'd like to know what I did or said.
    And don't say that I edited "wrecked it several times" from the description , that never said that and the pictures prove it and ZIMJOE will verify.
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    Sorry, I certainly did mean any offense to you either. I guess you and MM still have something to straighten out. By the way, that kit looked like it had some really nice mods. Springs on the support rods? U-bracket shaped or fabricated to more sleek appearance?
    Overall, a good buy at the buyers price. I regret I didn't bid more on ebay. However, I just bought an engine and a friction drive kit. Probably in hindsight the best option for me in any case.
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    Got my Package

    This thing looks perfect. The packing job was the best I have ever seen from an ebay purchase, seriously. Jfonto's pics look exactly like what I received and considering the controversy around this purchase, he has been a top notch seller.

    I can't really comment on things I don't know, but both of the gentlemen involved in said controversy seem like stand-up guys who have done me no harm. I hope this can be the last of the "he wrote, he wrote" issue. :cool:

    I'm pretty excited to get started. :grin5: I have decided not to put this on the same cruiser that my first motor was on, because of the coaster brake issue, I am going to put it on a 7 speed Townie.

    It will take a custom piece or two, but I should be able to get it on this week. While it isn't going to be one of the beautiful builds I am used to seeing on this forum, I'll post pictures for any future Townie rack builders.
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    Let me know how it goes, maybe a picture.