Staton chain lube recommendation



Oil is good but not when it gets on the rim and break pads. I wonder What the other Staton owners use
I can't speak for what others use and for that matter, I don't even have a chain drive!LOL BUT, I came across some stuff a few years back from a motorcycle shop called "NO-FLING". It's for trail bikes and such and is a thick spray-on lube that dries in a few minutes. Then you simply wipe it down and that's it. Great lube and it stays put! Keeps grit and mud from getting inside chain parts. Many other uses too.
I've heard of that kind of lube. I personally pour heavy gear oil onto a rag and wipe the chain all the way around in the center of my fist. This cleans the chain and lubes it. I use this method on my motorcycle and motored bikes. However you do get some fling from it but not as much if you'd used a much lighter oil.