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    I am about to fly to Alaska for three months and am interested in purchasing a mountain bike while I am up there in the Fairbanks area. I am interested in purchasing the Staton Inc. Crank Shift Kit. I plan to drive by their offices in the next few days to visit with them regarding this project. I normally drive road bicycles and have no knowledge of mountain bikes. The Staton kit is best suited for a hard tail but I think I would like one with front and rear disc brakes, front suspension and at least a seatpost suspension with a seat with springs too. David told me that it may work with some full suspension bikes and I will discuss that with him when I go by his offices in Oklahoma City.

    What bikes would you guys suggest. I don't won't to nor need to, spend a small fortune on the bike but would prefer to purchase one that is well built and has earned a good reputation and has parts available. I don't intend to do any serious rock hopping or serious mountain biking on it but will most likely ride on dirt, gravel, and muddy roads and hills that I don't normally ever ride on. I can't see myself doing ramp jumps or downhill races on it. I can see myself doing some mini recontours with camping gear as I explore the wilderness areas around Eielson AFB where I will be working.


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    Might be good to see whether you go FS or hardtail. What's a ballpark on your budget?
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    The Kit Is Going To Run About $800 With Shipping( I Suspect) So Depending On What David Stanton Suggests I May End Up Spending $500 Or Less On The Bike As I Don't Mind Purchasing A Good Used Bike. So Brands And Models Are Kinda What I Am Looking For.

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    You mentioned you ride road bikes so many of the same brands will apply, Specialized, Cannondale, some Treks. Marin, Kona GT, Iron Horse, some Giant bikes are decent.

    A few ideas....

    Not sure of what you'll find in the used market in FB when you get there but here's a nice find in a 29er from last Fri.......

    Anchorage is probably a better used market.....a great, vintage Cannondale from today for short money that might be worth bringing back....

    A bike branded with Columbia but IIRC they were made by Iron Horse....

    A nice looking hardtail from Specialized for a not bad price (medium size frame)

    A classic Stumpjumper, I love these bikes, vintage, they don't make them like this anymore, if I were in the area I'd snap this up if it was the right size.

    It's good to get a bike that fits you, I'm 6' and like MTBs with 20" to 23" frames.
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