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Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by Bonefish, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Bonefish

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    Pictures do not lie.

    The only thing inside this gearbox that is still functional is the Chinese bearings that came with it. Everything else it toast. Ironic, you would think it would be the other way around.

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  2. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Those gears don't look too heavy-duty.:ack2:

    How much hp was your engine rated at?
  3. kerf

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    Is that the 18.75:1 box, it doesn't look like mine, what caused the failure? Staton usually stands behind his products.
  4. Staton warranties their gears for life. Return it to Staton and they will replace it. The only gears I've seen that torn up weren't properly heat treated, poorly made of too soft materials, badly misaligned within their case, used without proper lubrication, really old with many many years of use, or being asked to transmit way over their designed torque maximum limit. My opinion of Staton quality has been very high, this is troubling.
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  5. ibdennyak

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    Wow, that's unusual for a Staton product. Looks like a batch of gears didn't harden properly or something.
  6. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I have relatives who have Staton products; so far, no breakage.

    HOWEVER, one of my friends destroyed his intermediate gear in his Staton chain drive. It's been over a month, and he's STILL waiting for Staton to send the replacement part. I loaned my friend the gear from my chain drive, which isn't being used.
  7. Bonefish

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    Here are some additional picts of this sTATON gearbox:

    This gearbox didn't last as long as the China 68.5/80cc kit I had. Again everything inside stripped or broke except for the all of the bearings that are inside of it that are labeled China.

    Check the engines mount 4 bolt holes distance from the clutch bell drum, then check the rubbing of the clutch bell drum on the gear casings inner shell. This shoddy construction is not worth your hard earned money. This gearboxes internal gears was louder than the stock 2 stroke engine that was attached to it. It is a crude and unrefined piece of junk.

    Brass tax:

    If you think the China 68.5/80cc kits are junk, and this sTATON gearbox didn't last as long as the China 68.5/80cc kit, I would save my money if I was you if you are considering this direction after a failed China 68.5/80cc kit.

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  8. occchopperfl

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    Hi Bone,

    Did you talk to David Staton?
    There is a lifetime guarantee if i'm not mistaken.
    There is nothing but good reviews (except for initial gearbox noise) on his products.

    Now, the warranty is null and void if you put a jet engine to his gearbox. :)
  9. Every Staton product I have used has been of the highest quality. As I understand it, you bought this gear box used from someone who had used it on a go cart (and who knows what else) before you got it, then you had an incident that exerted such a heavy shock load on the drive train that it broke an engine case on a Honda engine the gear box was attached to. I can't believe the shock that would break an engine case would not also have damaged the gear box. I fear this gear box has been badly abused. Despite all that, if you return the gear box to Staton, I am sure he would replace it, if only to maintain his good customer relations and reputation.

    Your condemnation of this Staton gear box should have noted that you bought it used and the incident that was so severe it broke the engine it was attached to. I find your negative comments without further explanation to be disingenuous.
  10. kerf

    kerf Guest

    I've got a Staton 18.75:1 box with a 4.6 HP engine and over 2000 miles on it. I had about 1500 on it before the engine swap. Nary a problem.
  11. RogerS

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    I have the same Staton gearbox on my bike with over 1K miles on it without so much as skipping a beat. In my opinion the OP has severly abused this gearbox.
    Odd he has not responded to questions on weather he contacted Staton directly.
  12. loquin

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    That doesn't look like the Staton gearbox...
  13. It's not the more recent large Staton box they sell with the chain drive kit many of us have used. Rather it's a planetary gear speed reducer they still sell. Check their site and you will find it.
  14. PatrickW

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    I'm sorry, but it looks like 'MotorBikeMike45" obviously doesn't know how to take care of a motorized gear box. IF (and that is a Big 'IF'), he really has one of Dave Staton's gear boxes, he has no idea how to connect or use it. Dave's quality, individually, machined stuff just does not disentigrate like those pictures. Mine, or anyone elses I know, sure as H*l* doesn't look like that!!! Dave makes quality products!

    I think you should get on your knees and beg his help...he just might look at you with pity, and give you some matter where you bought it.
  15. Perhaps if you had actually read the original post, or at least most of the thread, you would know that Bonefish was the individual who thinks/posted that Staton=junk and I was one of the people here supporting Staton. I have used Staton's chain drive with a SR 33.5 on a full suspension mountain bike conversion. The gear box is bullit proof. You will find photos of this bike and several others on my profile.
  16. PatrickW

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    Mike...Please accept my sincere apology to you. I know you are a staunch supporter of Dave Staton's products...that is why you would not say anything derogatory about his gear box. I certainly would not. Again, let me make ammends!!!

    Buddy, we both know quality, and we both have found it...right?
  17. No problem, Patrick. I lay the blame at the feet of the person who;

    1. Failed to disclose that he bought the item in question used and perhaps abused.
    2. Failed to disclose that, through his own mechanical incompetence, he had jammed-up the drive bad enough to break a quality Honda engine case, then just continued to use the box without further inspection.
    3. Failed to check the used item when purchased by simply taking it apart and cleaning/inspecting/re-lubing it.
    4. Bad mouthed a quality built item he (and others) had abused and misused to death.

    It seems to me Bonefish inserted his foot deeply in his mouth without thinking or bothering to consult with anyone before foolishly dissing a product he knew almost nothing about. Perhaps a name change is called for. Bonehead might be more appropriate. Sorry, Bonefish, but Staton products are anything but junk. Any product, no matter how well made, can be ruined through misuse, stupidity, and incompetence.
  18. PatrickW

    PatrickW Staff Member

    Staton = Junk

    Honestly,...I am so VERY sorry that my rant got directed toward the wrong person!!! I know that you are a staunch supporter of Dave Staton and his products, as they are sold here on the net. Please join me in a huge round of applause for the guy who works solo in KS, OK. I will be the first to stand up and say his milled products are #1. Anyone who wants to disagree, can stand up now, and take the lickin' that is coming to them!!!
  19. azdragoon

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    Yes, good stuff as I have one as well. He's a wealth of knowledge and will spend a great deal of time talking with you so you buy the right stuff. Just placed another order with him yesterday. A++
  20. Richard H.

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    It's unfortunate this thread title is so misleading and is left to linger as such.

    Staton does NOT make junk, rather they make quality products.
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