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Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by Bonefish, Aug 23, 2010.

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    Per Bonefish's other post on the subject, this was an old, 6.something:1 gearbox. It's not a planetary gearbox, (and Staton's current gearboxes aren't planetary gearboxes, either)

    Staton hasn't sold one of the failed gearboxes for YEARS. I don't ever remember even seeing this one there, and I started looking up stuff at his site in 2006/2007.
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  2. PatrickW

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    Keep it up, are doing an outstanding job.
  3. You are correct, loquin, it is not a planerary gear reducer. I don't know how I got the idea in my head that it was planetary. One good look shows it to be a simple two gear reduction box.
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    Do you mind sharing why you upgraded to a larger engine? In VA I would have to register my trike as a "motorcycle" if I go over 50cc in engine size.
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    I don't think his engine is bigger..... just puts out more power.
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    Staton Discussion

    I personally drove over to David Stanton's shop in Oklahoma City 3 weeks ago and met with him and toured his facilities and the various bikes and products that he makes and sells. I was very impressed with his work and his creativity. I am still trying to decide which of his products I will purchase and mount on a bike. Once I determine the bike, that may decide which of his products I'll purchase. I'll most likely wait until I get home from Alaska so it will be a few months yet.

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    Yeah, good luck with that, pal. JUst cuz it has a warranty don't mean he'll honor it.
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    This can happen with any product you purchase depending on circumstances. Very few warranties are absolute. I seldom choose a product based on its warranty. When I can I choose a product from someone I trust. I trust David Stanton.
  9. rawly old

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    I never buy on basis of warranty either; it's just a piece of paper. Staton has not
    earned my trust.
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    The reason why this gearbox failed is because it was poorly engineered. It only had gear support bearings on one side of one of the gears. This caused the gearbox to malfunction prematurely. I have since moved on to the 5:1 pocket bike tranny that has support bearings on both sides of both gears in the gearbox thus no problems.
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    I just ordered my 4th Staton FD kit, best FD kit out there bar none.
  12. bakaneko

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    hello, do you think their FD kit will work on a 20" folding bike with simple modification? i seen one on yt and it intrigues me.
  13. darwin

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    I've never done a folding bike so don't know. Depends on the geometry of the bike, plus the mounting points being compatible.. Cables?
  14. bakaneko

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