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Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by troy994719, Jun 13, 2012.

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    I have a Staton friction drive kit with an EHO35 engine, has anyone replaced this clutch with something that will engage at a lower RPM. Is it possible to replace the spring and make the clutch engage at a lower RPM?I also have an EHO25 kit and you can run it at a lot slower speed than the EHO35. About 11-12 MPH is as slow as I can get the EHO35 to go without the clutch rattling and making all kinds of noise.

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    I've heard of folks going with heavier springs on small engines to set the clutch at a higher rpm for engagement but personally I don't think the EHO35 will have the whammy to pull at a much lower rpm than what the stock clutch is set at. Also worth noting, the EHO25 uses a smaller diameter 56mm clutch. But consider this: there's ground speed and engine speed (rpm). If the ability to have a slower ground speed for cruising is what's wanted, this is probably best done with gearing IE: a smaller spindle for a friction drive or further final gear reduction for other type systems ...........or perhaps just more slow speed pedaling ;-)
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    I went with the 7/8 drive roller so a smaller gear is not an option. Thanks for the reply! I might consider selling this one and buying the EHO25.
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    Right. Everyone has different priorities, most often more speed is what's talked about. I also understand the desire for slow speed, quiet cruising, something I happen to appreciate. The question I defer from the most when asked out riding is "how fast will it go?" I usually answer that with "faster than you can you pedal a bicycle, ask me how many miles it gets to a gallon"

    I do know one fellow who went from a EHO35 to a 25. His was on a belt drive. He lives in a Socal beach town where it's flat terrain, houses are very close together and the neighborhoods appreciate quiet. He is very happy with the smaller kit.
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    thats a sweet ride!! I bet he has a good time it being flat and all!!