For Sale Staton Friction Drive w/Subaru Robin or Complete with Bike


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Feb 10, 2009
REDUCED - Now $650 for everything or $250 for motor and mounting hardware - Motorized Bike - Trek 8000 Mountain Bike with a 4 Stroke Robin Subaru EH035 friction drive motor. Bicycle alone was $800 and the motor kit is currently for sale for $549 plus shipping. Also has aftermarket large fuel tank - can go for miles and miles on a gallon of gas. Correctly registered in California with the DMV as a moped. Engine has less than 50 miles on it - like new motor, like new bicycle, kevlar tires (perfect for friction drive motors). Starts right up, runs great and moves right along. This runs clean and smooth and you don't have to mix oil in your gas. I have about $1400 invested in this. Yours for $725 - Cash only and Cash talks....also, I would consider selling just the engine and the mounting system for $300 (firm on this price, flexible on the $725 for both).

See everything about the engine at this web site where I purchased the kit originally:

Photo's on craigslist:
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