Staton gear box bearings shot !

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by robin bird, May 1, 2010.

  1. robin bird

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    At 1400 miles my Subaru - Staton setup blew the clutch and 2 sealed bearings in the transmission blew out scattering bearings all thru the transmission grease--informed no warranty--anyone had this problem ?--its an expensive repair because absolutely everything in the gearbox must come apart and gears got pitted -- so much for the lifetime guarantee or bullet proof transmission--the mechanic said the clutch probably burnt out because of the bearing failures.Unfortunately i have no pictures as proof and the bearing got thrown out--but i saw them.

  2. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Yes, that must be a pain in the butt, but like you said,a cheap fix.

    So Staton wouldn't warrantee their gearbox? Did the gears get damaged? If not, suck it up and replace the bearings and grease...and clutch.

    Part of playing with anything, my friend.:jester:
  3. loquin

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    Did Staton say that the clutch blow-up caused the bearings to fail?
  4. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I'm just wondering; wouldn't the clutch drum absorb the explosion and contain the shrapnel? I guess since the drum is within the gearbox, that some shrapnel would dribble out into the grease near the drum.

    robinbird, how many seconds elapsed between the warning noises and the time you shut down the engine?

    I hope the only damaged parts were the bearings, not the gears.
  5. PatrickW

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    As far as I know, guys, there is no clutch inside the Staton gearbox. The clutch is on the engine, and the gearbox is bolted on. I can not feature David Staton not standing behind his product, especially his custom milled gearbox.

    From his website: "Staton-Inc has manufactured the best friction drive, gear and chain drive and belt drive kits since 1984. Many of customers have over 50,000 miles on our kits - gear box and custom hubs. Our gear and chain drive kits have been used by commercial rental fleets without a single incident – zero problems. Our gear box is so good it has a Life Time warranty on the gears."
  6. PatrickW

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    And again, from the "RobinUSA" website: "Subaru’s impressive 3-year warranty was the first of its kind in the industry and the company stands behind it 100%. While other competitors may promise to honor their warranties, Subaru delivers 100% every time. We value our customers and the trust placed in our exceptional engines. That’s why we don’t just talk about warranty. We honor it. And if there ever is a tie, it goes to you 100% the customer!"

    Try talking to David Staton in person over the phone.

    So, guy, I don't see where you have anything to worry about. I feel confident you will get your problems resolved, provided you didn't do something to sabotage the set-up.
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  7. Happy Valley

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    Yes Patrick, I was thinking the same thing but you summed it very nicely in both posts.
    I'd be surprised if Staton didn't stand by his stuff.
  8. robin bird

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    My questions have been answered in full by Dave Staton today -- they have a first class product and i just got a one in a million problem. I still will do business with them and still recommend them highly!! the only damage was the bearings not the gears--i shut the engine down immediately.
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  9. PatrickW

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    I'm glad it is all going to work out for ya, Guy. I felt confident David would stand behind his products...he did for me. Seems David's word is his bond. I think he would be just fine doing buisness on a handshake. <g>

    Good luck, God Bless.
  10. darwin

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    Thats where a warranty has the gotcha clause. If the gears were damaged its not because the gears were faulty but because of the bearings getting into the teeth while rotating. No co in their right mind would give a lifetime warranty on bearings, its just the nature of the beast. Companies that give lifetime warranties on moving parts like bearings are betting on the statistics and volume sales. Charge more per the extra lifetime warranty to cover the say 5% that will be returned to cover the cost. Ever notice the diff in price on the same part at AZ with a lifetime warranty vs a 1 year warranty?