staton gear box leaking oil

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  1. hheltzer

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    hello i have a robin suburu 33.5 cc robin suburu , staton rack mounted chain drive kit and i noticed there is oil leaking from the cracks in the gearbox? is this a problem?

  2. kerf

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    What kind of oil did you put in the gear box? Staton recommends grease and if you add any gear oil, the case must be opened and sealed with RTV silicone. You can't properly seal the case without splitting it.
  3. hheltzer

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    i did not put anything in the gearbox. the silver box text to the engine is just leaking what i think is oil, resdish kinda thick stuff , i put oil in the engine but not in the silver gear box next to it
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    If you got the box from David, I would call him. You'll need to pull the box down and seal it, if the leakage is bad. Do you have the pipe plugs in the gear box opposite the engine? If so, remove one and see what kind of lube is in there.
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    gearbox lubrication

    I agree, I was told that the innards of the box was lubricated with grease. So far mine has been not leaking at all. If you go to seal the box, do it right and open it completely, perhaps a gasket or permatex will work. I have been quite happy with the quality of the transmission, but want to get more miles on the bike before pushing / recommending this configuration. my bigest problem to date is flat tires (maybe I am the most unlucky rider, picking up some piece of street metal every other ride). I have ordered airless tires and will hopefully end this frustrating situation.
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    I ran a Staton geardrive box years ago. When I split the case, it looked like it had general-purpose grease lubricating the gears. None of the grease had moved from the spot they had been placed. I'd have thought they would've been splattered all over the inside of the box.

    My friend Rick has two Staton gearboxes, a single engine box and a twin-engine gearbox. His single box ran a Honda 1.6hp engine, and the tranny was WAY noisier than the engine. It failed after Rick installed a GP460 engine onto it. His twin-engined gearbox failed VERY soon after installing two 1.6hp Honda engines onto it.

    Rick was using Staton's latest lube, which looked like and had the consistency of runny ketchup. When Rick split the case after the gearbox failed, it was completely dry. The lube had completely leaked out.

    Go figure!

    JMO, the grease Staton used in his boxes for the past 20-something years seemed to be sufficient. No leaks, no need to gasket-seal the gearbox!
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