Staton Gear Drive & R/S EH035 Complete Kit For Sale

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Daniel_62, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Daniel_62

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    I have a Complete Staton-Inc Gear Mount, 18:75 to 1 , R/S EH035 Engine
    Complete with all Mounting hard ware. I bought this New in August of 2011, and I must say that it is a Cadillac! This thing runs Very Well, Never gives me
    any problem starting, or running, I have about 10 hours of running time on it.
    The oil has been changed 4 times. The Bike setup is a Macargi General
    And it is a Thrill to ride, Alot of fun. It Gets Attention for sure. It does come with the 24 oz tank, I have been using a 1 gallon plastic tank concealed in the left saddlebag, Also Included is the HEAVY DUTY Rear Wheel from Staton
    Complete with 12 gage spokes Am asking a fair price of $500, and some help
    on the shipping since the Wheel will be a big Odd size box

    here are a few pics of the bike, I'd sell it also, but don't want to mess with shipping,

    thanks for LooKing

    Baytown Texas





  2. darwin

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    Thats a great deal, kit alone is worth that. Its put together well too.