Staton Gear Drive RS EH035 & Bike For Sale

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Daniel_62, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Daniel_62

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    This bike has been great, I Just think I need to sell it to generate funds for future projects, The Bike Is a Macargi General, The engine is a Robin Subaru EH 035
    with a Staton-Inc outside drive Gear box, The Rear wheel Is a Complete Heavy duty
    Wheel & Hub from Staton, 12gage spokes. With the current gearing I can get 28-31
    Mph on flat roads, and I weigh #230
    Very dependable, Very sweet running motor, Has approx 16 hours total run time
    Tires are in Like new Condition. I have a 1 gallon tank installed (hidden) in the
    left side duffle cargo bag, matching right side bag is for gear or what ever.
    Bike itself is very strong, and in Great Condition
    I get lots of attention when I ride this bike, everybody is interested!

    Not sure how many of you guys may be interested, or where you live,
    I would like to sell it to someone close, But I think I can possible
    crate it up and ship it from my work, on a LTL carrier, like Yellow, Old Dominion,
    Fed-Ex Freight etc,

    I would like to ask $500 + a bit for shipping if we need too,
    This Engine, Gearbox & wheel set Cost far more than that
    I think its fair
    Feel free to send me a PM or email for more pics or any questions

    My Location is very Near Houston Texas

    thanks for looking


    HPIM4954 (Medium).jpg

  2. darwin

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    Dave FYI from experience your better off selling the kit on the forum then sell the bike on craigs, or sell the whole bike/kit on craigs. Shipping a bicycle is a nightmare plus expensive. Boxing it correctly is an experience you'll not want to repeat.
  3. Daniel_62

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    I kinda figured it was a Longshot, Hopeing somebody close may see it. Maybe somebody will see this and be interested in The Drive Train

  4. Daniel_62

    Daniel_62 Member

    I will entertain any offers on the Engine & drive setup
    just let me know

  5. ratdoggg

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    Is this engine and drive train still for sale?
  6. Daniel_62

    Daniel_62 Member

    Yes i have it for sale

  7. Daniel_62

    Daniel_62 Member

    Well I suggest you buy it for 400$