Staton Gear Drvie Install and Review


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3:34 AM
Jul 25, 2008
St. Lous, MO
I just installed my Staton Inside gear drive, Robin Subaru 33CC motor. All went well. I also bought the 26" spoked wheel and hub pre-assembled. Great products, well made, definitely worth the money. Started first pull, after I discovered the kill switch was defective. I learned that trick on this forum...thanks guys. Instructions suck. No pictures in the instructions, you must look at the web site for installation ideas on your type of bike. I actually installed twice. The first time I realized the motor was too low in the front, resulting in a motor that was not level to the bike. I reinstalled, moved the U bracket up on the frame and was able to mount the motor level. I used a 26" with a 19" womens frame. This is what I had, and it turned out to be the perfect choice. I'm only about 5'7 and I am able to lift my leg over the back of the bike and motor in order to mount the bike. Alternatively, I can bring my right leg in front the bar to mount or dismount. A few things I learned. My bike was an older model that I had left over from my children, 15+ years old. The bike needed new tires and tubes, new brake pads, and a new comfort seat. All totaled, I'm into this bike rehab for about $75 in new parts. I almost, in my opinion, would have been better to buy a Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser at Walmart for $149. YMMV. Also, my kit took 2 weeks to ship. Only 2 days in transit. One last thing. I need a new kickstand!!...a normal kickstand will not work. I've ordered one that mounts on the rear axle and kind of lifts the bike up...More on that later.
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it is great to hear another happy staton customer, while I wait for my gearbox to arrive :)
let us know how it feels after engine wakes up.