Staton-Inc. closed?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by GoblinAero, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. GoblinAero

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    I purchased a motor kit from them months ago. For the last 3 weeks I have called them and gotten nothing but a message saying that they are too busy, leave a message, and they'll call you during the evening. I have called them many, many, many times. I have also sent several emails and have not gotten return emails.

    Does anyone have the inside scoop? Are they still OPEN? I'm having to consider calling the credit card company to get a refund on my credit card! This is driving me crazy. I really want to use their system. It seems like exactly what I need.

    Has anyone been able to get through to them lately?

    Does anyone know where to get a gear box like the one that Staton uses?

    Jeff in Tucson

  2. tinman

    tinman New Member

    hey man there still open just busy. I ordered a kit 1 1/2 months ago too. I called today to check on mine and dave answered. Hopefully mine will be on its way soon he waiting for some parts to get plated. I feel your frustration though. Its starting to get cold.
  3. vegaspaddy

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    i had sent an email on sunday and received an answer promtly monday morning, considering most members who deal with dave say it is best to phone him, as he is not to computer savy, i was impressed.
  4. fetor56

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    Bad business practice(ANY business) to eff customers around........if your incredibly busy hire more staff(even if it's only on a temp basis)
    Loyalty counts.
  5. GoblinAero

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    'little better

    Thanks for the info... I feel a *little* bit better.

  6. Mountainman

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    wasn't that long ago
    Station informed me that

    wouldn't be a time to close the doors

    the waiting is the hardest part with them
    but - to remember a solid product
    once received...

    as fetor56 has stated --
    makes one wonder why
    Station does not hire some more help ???

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
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  7. RogerS

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    I ordered and recieved a Staton inside drive kit within the last 3 weeks. Works great, I love it. That said, I started and have owned a small manufacturing company for the past 28 years and I know what its like to have bursts of sales. Hiring temporary help is more often than not more of a hinderance than a help. You have to train the person, takes time, watch them for awhile until they get the hang of the new job, takes even more time, then hope for the best. Then when everything seems to being going well they start making scrap, now your even farther behind then before you hired them. Been thru it to many times to count. Hang in there, Dave's product is worth the wait. Who would rather have machining and assembling your kit, the company owner or a temp.
    Around hear we refere to the temps as, Rent-A-Drunks.
  8. GoblinAero

    GoblinAero Member

    Much better now.

    I called one more time and David answered!

    He confirmed that he has been insanely busy. We talked about how our plan was to have him machine my half shaft and include it with my kit, but his new machining equipment ended up in further delay due to hurricane Ike.

    We agreed that he would send my motor and kit to me without the machined shaft since I can have that done here in Tucson.

    Dave knew exactly who I was and what my concerns were. He had my address right in front of him as we spoke on the phone. He verified that he would send my kit out to me today. Yes!

    He also said that supplies of engines are running low and that he'll be getting another delivery Nov. 15th.

    Ah, much better now.

    I'm looking forward to seeing that new motor and gearbox... ha-ha! Yes!

    Jeff in Tucson
  9. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    Especially to members of an enthusiasts community such as this.
  10. wcocc

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    I ordered a gear box and other misc parts from his website, got a confirmation same day, received the gear box and parts the following week. If the parts are in stock, they get shipped out the same day if available. I never had any issues with Dave, but with gas at $4 dollars a gallon, I am sure he is busy selling alot of bike kits!!
  11. GoblinAero

    GoblinAero Member

    Ah, David came through like he said he would. When I had gotten him on the phone Thursday, he said that it would go out that afternoon and it did.

    I got my Honda GXH50 mounted to a Staton gearbox today... and it's a nice piece of work. High quality.

    This is such a change from the quality that I experienced with Dimension Edge (whose product I had to return).

    David Staton obviously cares about his product offering. It was packaged VERY well. The box was over-stuffed with lots of protective paper. It wasn't haphazardly wrapped inside of 2 old oily jackets. It arrived clean... you could practically eat off of the thing. There were no metal shavings all over the place. There are no razor-sharp jagged edges sticking out of anything. All the parts that I had ordered were actually in the box. A clean, new manual for the engine was included. It's like Christmas around here!

    A big "Thanks!" goes out to David Staton at

    Jeff in Tucson
  12. tinman

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    Hope that means I'll get mine soon. I ordered before you. I was told it would be shipped out 2 weeks afer i placed my order. Ummm its amazing that 2 weeks is now 2 1/2 months. Guess i must use a different calabder then them. I'm getting very disgruntled but i am trying to be patient because they say its worth it. Hmmmm.....How do these things run in the snow?
  13. GoblinAero

    GoblinAero Member

    Definitely worth the wait

    The quality is top-notch.

    Keep trying to get David on the phone.

    The man is going bonkers crazy over how many units he has to get out.

    I was worried like you are, but he came through. His product quality is tops.

  14. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member


    might want to just -- keep calling him on the phone
    until someone answers

    I know that e-mails sent -- can also be slow

    worth it once you get one so as to
    Ride That Thing - Mountainman