Staton-inc's throttle Honda gxh50

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by jared8783, May 10, 2010.

  1. jared8783

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    If anybody who has this intalled could post some pics it would be really appreciated.
    The website only says what parts it comes with and that it includes instructions.
    I can not decide wethor or not to buy it until i see some pics of it installed

    It defeinetly doesnt look like much


  2. mabman

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    Just use a regular brake lever as your throttle, it will do the same thing and not be as cheezy.
  3. jared8783

    jared8783 Member

    Its not what my hand engages to throttle up that I am wondering about.

    I am curious as to how this staton kit connects to the carb.
  4. Happy Valley

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  5. jared8783

    jared8783 Member

    thanks for the reply
    i have done a search and seen all the threads

    I would just really like to see a pic of the staton throttle installed on the carb

  6. vegaspaddy

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    Just checked out my throttle which still runs threw the governer.

    can account for all the parts except the conduit clip, maybe staton includes this to keep the cable from getting kinks around the governer,or to help keep it in place, although were it fits i have no idea.

    The cable stop, silver tip on there....

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  7. jared8783

    jared8783 Member

    thanks for the pic

    i see it attatches on the governer linkage

    which i no longer have

    oh well
    now i know what i needed to know about it

    thanks again
  8. loquin

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    It is a thumb throttle. When I first installed it, I didn't realize that, and set it up to use my index finger. After about a half hour, your fingers get tired and start to cramp. But, if you set it up so that you push down with the thumb, you can keep riding for hours.
  9. jared8783

    jared8783 Member

    if someone decided to manufacture a throttle kit for these engines that did NOT attatch to the governer linkage they could totally capitalize and make some $

    hint hint
    if someone reading this has the capability to do so then DO IT