staton inside drive---start of project

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    fork information?

    What if anything can you tell us/me about the suspension fork on your bike? I've only seen one other like it on a bicycle and I bought the bike just to get the fork. I've never been able to find anyone who knew anything about them. I've seen similar designs on early motorcycles. I'd love to know any information you might know about its origin/manufacturer vintage etc.

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    The forks are Webbs.They made the forks on War type BSA motorcycles.
    These forks were made for AutoCycles,which were pre-MoPeds.So they were designed for bicycle frames.I've seen similar types on old German bicycles.
    The frame I'm using in a 1938 malvern star(2 star).
    One nice thing I've found is these forks were designed to use a drum brake hub and have a place to hold the tork arm.I've ordered a S/A dymo-drum.
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    It doesn't matter if it's'll get there eventually and atleast you'll have the satisfaction in knowing it was done properly.
    Nice bike stand.
    What would be cool is to keep a bike in that really "raw" state....excellent mechanically but having that weathered and beaten-up look. :)
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    Thanks for the info on the fork. The one I have came on a European Tandem and it differs from yours only in that there are open cut-outs in the stamped legs. It was/is also chromed. I put it on an old Sears Spaceliner frame which is also chromed. I purchased it at a Cruiser Bike Swap Meet here in SoCal. probably 15 or more years ago and you are the first person I've come across that seems to know anything about them. Back when I first got my fork I sent photos to both Memory Lane Classics and Chesnut Hollow to try and find out what I had and got nothing but "Don't Know" and "I have no idea" for answers.

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