Staton, lowered


az cra-z

I started out putting my Staton kit on the "tandem for one":
but I just didn't like the weight balance anymore (it rode so nicely before putting the motor on), so I transferred it to my nice tough Nishiki "mountain-style" bike. Installed it as per the instructions, but it still felt a little "wobbly" in back, so I tried lowering it and scootching it forward a little (note that I drilled new holes halfway down the U-bracket). Really made a difference! The tank is from a MX-5 (rest of it for sale, if anyone wants to play around with it), couldn't resist showing the new stickers! :cool::cool:


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wow, what a sturdy looking ride. neat lil tank and most excellent sticker usage, i must say :cool:

very nice,ya the lower you go and the more forward better results.nice build im still really lookin at yer seat wow!

It is a nice sturdy ride. The front wheel is still original, bike swap meet is coming up here soon, I'll be looking for something stronger.

The seat is called "Mega Ride", got it from ebay. The company that made it used to have a website, but it seems to have faded away. Too bad, it is really good for all-day rides, and the width lets me slide a little sideways around corners for better weight balance.

I carry a pint size Nalgene bottle for "reserve" gas, but I have a 1.5 liter rectangular plastic tank for model airplanes (hobby stores are a great source for gas lines and tanks, etc., by the way) that is going on the seat tube down by the bottom bracket. After that's in it ought to be good for at least 100 miles between fill-ups.

We've had gale-force winds here this week, so I thought I should look at the air filter (especially since I didn't have any idea where it even was!). Turns out it's at the back of the engine, facing backwards! Shouldn't ever get anything in it back there. Mighty well designed engine, I say!