Staton outside drive kit- less engine

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    KIT IS SOLDI bought a Schwinn with a Robin EHO35 engine and Staton drive kit attached. Everything works fine but I planned to install it on another project and the Staton system just won't fit it easily.

    When I removed the engine the gearbox was tight and well greased and yes I did fish the 4 engine bolt washers out before putting the case halves back together! It will accept a variety of engines like the Robin with a 76 mil clutch.

    Included is the drive unit [18.75 to 1, outside drive] w/13 tooth sprocket, 26" RhinoLite rim w/16 tooth sprocket on Staton hub. Struts, bracket, hardware and chain that came off the bike. There are no signs of abuse and all of it appears to be in very good used condition.

    I'm selling the kit less engine for 175.00 plus shipping at actual cost. Please PM with any questions.


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    Mike, I sent you PM, consider it sold.

    (The whole kit)