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Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by triathloner, Mar 25, 2010.

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    I'm building my own friction drive and am kind of copying statons or bmp's design. I am adapting to a 25 cc motor from the start because it's what I have. If I end up liking it I will probably upgrade to a bigger motor and will have to purchase a bigger drive roller/driveshaft setup. So I would like to know the inside dimension of the U-channel, so I can make mine the same for future drive roller purchase purposes. thanks for your help

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    Hmmmm. I wouldn't expect many responses to this question. I will try to be polite.
    I do not, & never have recommended one dealer over another, & prefer to stay neutral. But, the dealer you mentioned has probably put forth many hours of trial & error to come forth with what they believe is a good kit. It has cost them time & $$ to do so. Therefore I will only suggest that you read thru the posts, & do your own research rather than copying the design of another manufacturer. Patience, & ingenuity is the way many of us have designed our own systems.
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    Oh I understand exactly what you are saying, but the real reason I'm trying to build one myself is due to living 15 miles from work and in the present economy taking a 15 % pay cut at work. Kind of hard to survive, but just glad to have a job. Now if you notice the post the reason is that when times are better and I can afford to upgrade motors I'm willing to buy the $69 dollar driveshaft to upgrade to a 78 mm clutch and a bigger drive roller. I guess I'll build that as well if no one is willing to help:-(
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    its no big deal,

    my buddy has my staton on his bike at the moment he lost his drivers license and rides the thing like a madman !!!!!!

    Its not that big of a deal i can respect anyone trying to build there own kit and will glady give you the measurements, its the effort in making your own that matters, most homemade rigs are copies of someones kit except you have the skill to make your own.

    If nobody has posted measurements by tomorrow afternoon, i will send them to you.
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    1/4" thick, 4" square 6061 aluminum tube, 10" length or get a piece 8" x 4" and cut it into 2 pieces.
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    Thanks Guys this helps, and I promise when money isn't so tight I will definately use them in the future, they have a great website and a lot of products, I am pretty sure I will be ordering a throttle cable and some bearings from them now as it is.
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    dont worry, someone will always help in the end and its like you said you will end up having to order parts from the suppliers anyhow, so you have a good idea of a base frame to work with and the vendors still get the orders for specialized parts...

    Everybodys happy.....
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    I saw

    some real nice friction drive plans done with CAD.On the web somewhere try google ..
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    Buy the bearings on ebay or any website online for half the price. For much less hassle installing and removing the bearings, machine the drive housing for a slip-fit, not a pressfit.

    BMP's friction drive kit has slip-fit bearing clearances. It is MUCH easier to work with.