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    Thought it'd be a good idea to have frequent deals posted here on anything that catches your eye. I frequently check & and have saved so much money it's unreal. I'd hope that you guys can update this thread for any obvious steal of a deal, because FatWallet in particular moves quite rapidly, and nobody could possibly catch all the deals that come across there.


    I'll start with the best deal I've ever come across (a friend actually had to point this one out to me)... it's almost too good to be true. normally offers $25 gift certificates for $10. They also normally have promotions for 80% off, but starting midnight of 9/9 (yesterday), they're offering 90% off for 99 hours!! Soo, what you wanna do is check their website to see if any decent restaurants are around your place or some place you visit frequently... if they have some decent options, you need to click on the "Give A Gift" tab. There, you can choose a few $25 certs for $1 (after 90% discount code - "NINETY"), or you can do what I did... the "Dinner of the Month Club" option, where you buy 12-$25 certs for $12, and they throw in a free $50 cert.

    NOTE: It's important to understand that with this method, you're paying for a gift cert to (that is valid for 1 year), which you can use to redeem the gift certificates to the actual restaurants later. And each individual restaurant will have its own stipulations to realize, so pay attention!

    Not bad for $12; you get a $350 value! And to top it off, you can even sign up for a FatWallet account, sign in, and then do their FatCash cash back program, where they'll return a certain percentage of your cash (in this case 20%), since they get credit for referring you to sites like Should get that refund after 30-90 days or so, and they'll send you a check if you accumulate $10+, otherwise they can just send it to your PayPal account. Soo... ends up really being $350 value for $9.60 . . . Nice, huh?

    ENJOY! :detective: And don't forget to update this with other steals you find! :detective: :detective: :detective:

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    HAH... ok, so I actually ordered 2 Dinner of the Month packages... but their website says: "*One (1) free Gift Certificate per Dinner of the Month Club order."

    ... which to them means that you only get "one free Gift Cert PER ORDER".

    So if you wanna get THREE free $50 gift certs, you have to place THREE separate orders for each DoTM Club package.

    Luckily, they gave me a one-time courtesy cancellation since I hadn't activated the Dinner of the Month Club cert. Pretty complicated stuff, but it's still like free money when you come to grips with the terms as they understand them.
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    Do they accept paypal?
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    Generally speaking, if it is too good to be true (or even *almost* too good to be true), it is.
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    Of course.

    I used my first gift certificate at an "authentic Italian restaurant" that lets you BYOB. Got a friend of mine to go with me, since the terms for that specific restaurant were... "Valid with minimum purchase of 2 dinner entrees. Food only. No split checks. Excludes alcohol. Present before dining. 18% gratuity added pre-discount."

    That's the only restaurant around here that doesn't have a minimum purchase order of $35 or $50, however, both of us got meals in excess of $20, since we had brought our own beverages. The owner even brought us 2 deserts for free. Soo... with gratuity, our total was $28. You're guaranteed to spend some money, but $28 to sample all that fine dining is a lot better than sampling it for $53!! We coulda ended up paying $5-10 total if we wanted to pick from the cheap stuff, but we're fightin' off this recession.
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    Ag's thought's would be "coulda' saved 20 bucks overall and had a date at the Hot dog cart"...

    Sparky's thoughts, "wait a minute, She already fell for one, why would I want to bring her arround another Hot dog salesman"!

    LOL, I kill myself!
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    OK, time to clear out some of these 100+ tabs I've got open and are starting to clog shiz up.

    - WinX Platinum DVD Ripper - Free Download 'til 9/30 (not trial/demo)
    - Waffle House buy one, get one free waffle - Expires 12/31/09
    - Advanced Auto Parts $10 off $25 - Expires 12/31/09
    - CVS $5 off $25 coupon - Expires 9/20
    - K-Mart $5 off $50
    - Domino's $5 off Large pizza && various other codes for Domino's


    And post back if you manage to have any success with the discount meds card(s)!! I've been wondering how that works for quite some time now.
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    This one's not gonna last for much longer, so get it while the gettin's hot.

    This could go almost anywhere on the forum, really... it's called "Kool-Stop Bike Pajamas"!! It's essentially a poncho for bicycles, which I could've used last week. It took me so long to get my motor going that day.
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    There's a Woot-Off going on at Woot! Usually they have a deal a day time setup, but whenever a Woot-Off comes around, they go thru stock a lot quicker... as soon as one item's gone, another comes up. The good deals are only around for a minute or so. Early, early, early this morning there was a Panasonic 52" 120 Hz LCD HDTV for only $955 shipped (only lasted about 90 sec, if it were later in the day, it woulda been about half that time). I wanted to get it so bad, but the power consumption on that thing is like 350W, so I passed for now.

    Anyway, to keep from refreshing the page, just open up a new window and go to this site:

    It'll show you a percentage left of each item, so when it gets closer to 0%, you'll be ready for a steal on an HDTV or whatever else they bring up. There's a lotta trinkets, kid's toys, video games, electronics, etc. Woot! is the greatest!