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  1. Thought I'd share this idea for those of you who don't like the look of a gas tank on the front bar. To me, it just didn't work and took away from the appeal of the bike.
    So I simply got a 6 pack cooler bag w/ the plastic insert, a lawn mower gas tank, extra fuel line, a Schwinn free standing back rack, an in-line pep-cock valve, an hour of time and created a concealed gas tank w/ front and side pockets w/ extra storage!!
    The top even unzips and expands to an extra 4 inches if needed.
    With the extra room, I should be able to fit a tank over a 1/2 gallon if I decide to do so.
    I understand it's not for everybody, but I haven't seen anyone else do it yet. So now at least, you can see a visual picture of what it would look like.
    And say to yourself, "how cool is that" or "dude, that's seriously lame".:grin:

    - Added extra line so I can fill up w/out spilling on the bag or the bike.
    - Drilled through the bag and rack - sandwiched everything w/ big washers on the underside and bar stock on top.
    - In line pep-cock valve w/ fuel line ran through the rack and into the bag.

    Let me know what you think:::


    Troy Fitz.

    PS: - maiden voyage is tomorrow if it doesn't rain again.

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  2. Accender

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    Thats nifty!
    I carry a 22 oz camper bottle. It's heavy on the front of my basket. But it works.

  3. jared3377

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    Cool!--nice hide... I like the look of my tank, though. :cool:
  4. Alan

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    Great job Troy.
    I agree, that the MD screams for a rear tank. That bag can double as a storage area too.
    Don't put your lunch in there though. :lol:

  5. eljefino

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    I really like the wiring conduit over the gas line; it adds a robocop-esque future feel to the bike. Plus you must be running some futuristic super-fuel that needs to be kept at 200 degrees below zero.

    I wonder what it looks like on the gas station security cameras when you fill up.
  6. Simon_A

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    Thats a really neat idea. I like it. Well done man.
  7. CJH

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    Nice mod! I don't care for the standard gas tank either.
  8. thanks for the replies!!

    I have 30 miles on it now. And the only problem so far is I had to change the fuel line a little. The dip where it attached to the frame created a fuel starvation problem. So, a cut and snip to shorten to make a straighter path, and is working great now.

    I easily have enough storage on the case for my lock and my tools.

    It's a great conversation starter too. "Hey, cool bike" - where's the gas tank?" - just about every time. :rolleyes:


    Troy Fitz.
  9. Alan

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    I decided to do a similar mod to my mountain MB.
    Yesterday, I had a cop slow down while looking at me kinda funny, and I thought to myself, "This may be it." I cut the engine, and pedaled for what seemed like miles, until I didn't see him behind me anymore.
    I'm waiting on a plastic tank similar to yours. I couldn't get the .99 cent price, but it's in like new condition, and 5 bucks. Now I need a bag. I guess I'll wait for the tank, so I can measure it to fit the bag. Bought some black fuel line, black fuel filter. Muffler is black too.

    - Alan
  10. ALAN:::

    I guess you can continue to use the "no arrests since 1974" - for awhile longer now:rolleyes:

    I bought my bag at Walmart for $6.00. It has served me well. I think I could fit about 3/4 of a gallon in it if I found the right tank.
    I actually didn't get the tank off ebay. I found a local lawn mower repair shop, and he had tons of old tanks to choose from. So I actually paid $5.00 for it.
    I bet you have one in your area as well.

    Show us the pic's when done,

    Troy Fitz.
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