Steampunky Boardtracker, Genesis Onyx Build: finished! (well.....)

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by tilersheer, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. tilersheer

    tilersheer New Member

    Genesis Onyx 29" cruiser w/ handmade tank (my first one!)

    Spent way too much time on this build. This is my second build.

    Currently running around 30mph (pushing over 200lb)

    Feel free to ask any questions.

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  2. alfredart

    alfredart Member

    Nice build man. Those 29's look good the way the bike is set up. Needs some brass and copper on her. Really go Steampunk on it.
  3. tilersheer

    tilersheer New Member

    i guess you cant tell from the pic but there is alot of brass and copper on it. i didnt want to go overboard w it. copper fuel line w brass fittings, brass gas cap, some bolts and washers here and there, and the pedal chain
  4. powerstroke

    powerstroke Member

    May I ask why everyone here seems to be into these funny looking 'board track racing' bikes? Just out if interest that's all. Were they 40 years ago what motogp bikes are today? Nice build though. I like the paint!
  5. alfredart

    alfredart Member

    Hope to see more pics soon. Brass head lamp would be a cool touch without going overboard. Really an amazing looking bike. It's got style man.
  6. LR Jerry

    LR Jerry Well-Known Member

    Nice looking bike.
  7. Bmac

    Bmac New Member

    sweet tank

    I like it! How did you build the tank and with what type of material?
  8. james65

    james65 Member

    Great looking Bike!
  9. Gary Player

    Gary Player New Member

    Love the look to this bike so cool.
  10. Blairplowman

    Blairplowman New Member

    Beautiful bike you do great work. What forks are you running?