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    What do y'all recommend, steel or Aluminum frames.
    2 or 4 stroke. "I'm leaning towards 4 strokes"
    What bike would you recommend for a 1st time beginner.
    Should I buy a new frame on line or either find me a good online or buy one from the usual stores.. I guess I done got the bug. Can't sleep thinking where I want to start. I very briefly talked about these bikes on my motorcycle site and got a PM from one of the members. I was shocked when he told me. Be said he had a room mate 4 years ago that left a box in the attic with a kit for a motorized bike. He told me u pay the shipping and its yours. Well heck yea as a beginner I don't have a clue what's in box. Have a idea but wont know till we figure what the shipping will be. Monday!!!! He told me box was about 18x18x6.
    2,4,? I don't know but its a start. After I see what's in box where should I start looking for a frame. New, used, any info I would appreciate. Thanks for yalls help to get me started. And special tools I may need to get. Who should I go with for motors.

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    Firmstrong makes a very good frame for 4 stroke applications, I started with a 2 stroke on a huffy frame, way to much vibration and clutch problems...... hated it, now I have a 4 stroke Hua Sheng, with EZM qmatic transmission and a few manic mechanic upgrades, the stock kit sucks, was on a steel frame, very hard ride, love the aluminum, very smooth ride and a friend bought me a Whizzer, which I love, so now I have my Hua sheng for riding on rainy days, the Whizzer for nice weather. Whizzer.jpg DSCN0050.JPG DSCN0035.JPG
    The red Electra frame was steel, very hard, the white is the Firmstrong and the Whizzer speaks for itself.
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    Thanks for all the info. I'm just beginning so trying to see what's good and what's junk. U never know till you ask. Speaking of how are the flying horse moters.
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    Huffy Cranbrook with a 2 stroke!

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    2 stroke...... burn it
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    The maintenance on my 4 stroke is minimal, the 2 stroke has a habit of the inner crankcase seal leaking into the clutch and pads, had to take apart and clean with brake cleaner, numerous times. Hua Sheng Bike.jpg
    Here is a beauty of a 4 stroke, I used the same flexible exhaust and muffler, major difference and I blow away any 2 stroke on the street, unless they reworked the engines and put NOS on them LOL
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    Steel is much more solid and fixable if something goes wrong, but heavy.
    Aluminum is much lighter, but not really worth fixing, the structural integrity will never be the same after the break.
    My personal recommendation would be to search yard sales, thrift shops and flea markets for quality classic bikes (1980's or earlier) of whatever style appeals to you.
    Cheap modern bikes are junk and good modern bikes are W A Y overpriced.
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    My first build was steel my second I am working on will be aluminum. Most of the frames make strictly for motor bikes are made of aluminum. Weight is HP.