steel vs. brass petcock



well, i kept blaming my carb. but it turns out the included (dax) steel petcock is drip drip dripping.

forget about mileage, it's age that matters, i've had the original kit for about 2.5 months.

can anyone tell me for sure i can count on better performance from the brass one?

or...does anyone know what kind of petcock IS reliable and where i can get one to fit the 2l tank?
while on the subject, do any of those petcock have a switch for like reserve gas like the motorcycle tanks have? I would like to have a little warning before I am totally out of gas.
I use both the brass and the "somewhat" steel petcocks. I've broken 2 of the steel ones. in anticipation of needing a new one, this is what I came up with:

the tank has standard pipe threads. I got these parts at my local machinery supply co. cost about $7 total.
I have also broken a steel one and lost quite a bit of gas in the process. I have a mixture of both petcocks on my bikes and had no problems with the brass although I'm not real hip on the looks of that one. I've been meaning to check the local motor sports shop to see if they have anything that works but procrastionation has gotten in my way...Kelly
I tap my tank to 1/8 npt

I tap Mine American Pipe tap thread Then install a nipple after the nipple 1" of 3/16" tubing ,for fitting length, then I put the Inline petcock withthe red havdle available from most any motorcycle shop around here then out of that into the carb needle valve that I drill out to 1/16" on every kit and to the Float bowl. Also the floats can get holes in them. A simple fix for a Float that sinks is drill 2 holes in it then blow the gas out of one of the holes then let dry ..wipe off and use fuel and oil sealer a yellow tube and red writing avail from most hardware stores.