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    I have a few questions on the size of the steering head on this Huffy Frame build Im working on. The head is 5 1/4'' long, 1 7/16'' wide, with 1 3/4'' bearing set. Not been able to find any forks that could fit. Would like to find a springer fork for it. Any help would be appreciated. The newer Huffy Cranbrook frame i used on my Lil Bobber build has a smaller head to accompany the springer i ordered. It had a smaller bearing set and wouldnt work. IMG_20130513_191850_300.jpg IMG_20130513_191850_300.jpg IMG_20130513_191909_475.jpg

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    I think yer right on this one sub. All the support is taken out of the frame. This might work for a pedal bike, but it looks like he already has the pedal assembly removed. I wouldn't trust it at 35mph without adding frame support.
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