Brakes Sticking Pad on Rear "V" Brake

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by vabear, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. vabear

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    One of my pads is not releasing correctly, I release pinch bolt, and then squeeze caliper arms together and tighten pinch bolt and it looks good, but when i brake the right rear pad and arm stay on the rim, the tension screw has no effect so I assume i need to reset the spring for pad tension, do I need to do both sides or just the side that is not releasing?

  2. darwin

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    You need to adjust both accordingly. Back both screws out about 3/4ths of the way. Then tighten your cable housing adjuster all the way in also. Then adjust your cable itself to where you have about 1/8th of an inch clearance on both brake pads from the rim. Then squeeze your brake lever and see which pad isn't moving away from the rim. Once you see that then tighten the adjusting screw in half turn increments till it does pull away from the rim. Those adjusting screws as you tighten them pulls the pad away from the rim by stiffening the spring up.
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    Thanks, The problem is that when I adjust as you suggest and hit the brake lever, the right rear pad still rubs on the rim and the adjuster screw has little effect
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    Have you check some routine maintenance points for function, the cable sliding freely in it's housing, the brake arm moving freely on it's pivot, etc. If there's drag anywhere along the line from brake lever to brake arm, clean and lube might help.
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    i had to take mine apart,clean and lubricate it.the return springs can get weak.
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    Sticking Rear Pad

    I exhausted all options and went to bending the pad tension rod a wee bit and that seems to solve the problem, the caliper arm retracts after braking and I have bit of adjustment via the tension screw. Thanks to all for the responses.

    The Old Guy
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    1. First unscrew adjusting screws on both sides to zero tension.
    2. Move the stuck one up one hole on the mount. (Now that should be the dominant side.)
    3. Tighten Dominant side adjustment screw until you feel resistance, and stop.
    4. Start tightening the other sides adjustment screw, and squeezing the lever intermittently until it begins moving away from the rim.
    5. Now your at a point were you can adjust both sides until their equal.

    Keep an eye on the brake pads, and adjust them accordingly as you go.
    (Sometimes they touch the tire when your not looking).

    I assembled 7 Mountain Bikes in 2 hours, and adjusted the brakes, and gears.