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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by southern Cruiser, Nov 11, 2014.

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    I just got a 66(80) cc motor. We have had it running for about a week and have gone through one tank of gas so far. I am brand new into the motorized bike world. The problem is that the hand lever for the clutch is really hard to press in. So hard that my arm muscle is very sore now for days. maybe it is just a muscle issue here but I think it should be a little easier to pull the lever in than it is. any ideas on how to make it easier to disengage the clutch handle? I literally have to reach over with my right hand to help my left hand bring it in to the lock position because my arm is so sore.any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    first is to make sure that the cable isn't binding somewhere in its run (you didn't tie it down with zip-ties did you?) - next, you can remove cable from hand-lever & check that the lever isn't sticking - next, look where the cable runs from the stand-off under the carb to the arm at the drive cover, is it fairly straight, or could the standoff be adjusted up/down a bit to make it straighter? (good time to check that you didn't install that POS small spring around the cable inner that just makes the clutch hard to pull)

    if nothing above helps, then there are still 3 things to try

    1- they sell a clutch arm that is longer than usual & drops right into the drive cover (you'll see a bit of a bend at the end to identify it)

    2- they sell three lengths of hand levers for these (longest is easiest to pull)

    3- you can remove the clutch arm from its spindle & move it a few splines closer to the stand off so that the pull of the cable is more perpendicular to the arm which will give you more leverage (don't booger the threads on the spindle when removing the arm)
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    The above, and make sure you didn't put in that thin spring on the cable between the engine post and clutch arm, it is not needed, only the fatter spring on the outside of the black cable where the head is, it is a heat shield for the cable.
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    hey, thanks for the insight. I sprayed some white grease into both ends of the cable hose and also removed the spring. It seems to be working much easier now. Thank you for all the advice. I will take the housing off tonight and slap a bunch of grease on the flat lever that engages the clutch.
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    A lot of these kits have the lever out of alignment with the cable guide on the motor. The newest ones have a curved lever, which helps a lot and also helps to keep your pants leg from snagging on the lever. For the ultimate build, someone on this forum was selling a roller that bolted to the clutch cover, which I think is overkill, but...
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    Pull the pin out of the center of the sprocket and pack a dab of grease in there, just mind you don't loose the ball in there.