Stihl 4MIX trimmer engine

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  1. DetonatorTuning

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    jump over to and check out this cool little engine.


  2. echotraveler

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    pretty nice...attach a picture so people see it directly...

    hybrid motor, nice and clean looking very compact! whats the cc's on that?
  3. Mountainman

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    that's an unusual motor THING

    man -- talk about interesting -- what's coming next ???

    some good THINGS out there !!!
  4. mabman

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    Looks like a 35cc, 1.4 hp. For the extra complexity over the Subaru/Robin it doesn't seem to hold any advantages for MB use? It is Stihl's answer to the CARB requirements and may at some point be a factor, but new products like this take some time to develop.
  5. HoughMade

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    The only advantage is the ability to have a 4 stroke that can be mounted in any position ....but others solve the same problems in different- seemingly less complex ways.
  6. nsideus

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    It runs on a 50:1 fuel mix like a 2-stroke
    used on the FS110 brush cutter 31.4 cc 1.3hp 10,500rpm 1.4nm
    FS 130 36.3 cc 1.9hp

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  7. Revorunner

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    So are all these companys being forced to run 4 stroke engines because of emissions standards? Is the 2 stroke on it's way out?:confused::confused: