Stihl powered ?



Does anyone here have pics of a Stihl powered bicycle. I really like the quality, and reliability of the brand. They make a 50cc chainsaw that puts out 3.4 hp. Thier cut of saw looks like it could be an interesting canidate also. Please post pics, Hoopty.

Wheels within wheels, in a spiral array, There patterns so grand and complex.
I don't know about Stihl but there are other quality two cycle engines out there, that would be much easier to mount. I'm running a 46cc that puts out 4.2hp and came with the correct clutch rotor.
Hey Kerf, could you let me know where I could see this "correct clutch rotor"? I guess what I really want to know is, was this a kit for bikes or did you take the chainsaw apart and found a way to make it work.
Spring is on it's way....time to start a new build!
thanks for the hook-up kerf, with Daves motors. The 460 looks like it will work good with the built in 76mm clutch.
I would like to frame mount that motor somehow, but right now im building a 4 stroke frame mount Grubee 2 on a schwinn mtb frame.