Stiletto Bobber Update

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    I've made some headway on my Stiletto build. Since last posting I have added two vintage Harley mirrors that I got from a junk shop for $2. After much polishing I mounted them to the handlebars using 7/8" seat post clamps from the parts bin. I replaced the standard aluminum kickstand with a cut down Whizzer center stand to compensate for the extra weight. The original was real wobbly. An alloy mounting plate was fabbed for a Whizzer speedo, also from the parts bin, that redlines above 35 MPH!!! How cool is that? My headlight is a Black & Decker LED flashilight that is VERY bright on both high and low beam. I fabbed a mount to the lower triple tree (there were already two threaded holes in a perfect spot, thanks, Giant). The light is totally waterproof, it takes 4 C batteries and lasts for 72 hours. Trying to figure out how to wire the speedo light to the headlight batteries for a little "glow". Finally, I added a chain tensioner to the primary drive to eliminate slack. My stainless KMZ chain stretchs a good bit when it gets hot. Still have to hook up the speedo (if anyone has a Whizzer speedo drive for sale, I'm interested). I'm also noodlin' ideas for a metal tool box to mount under the seat, any ideas? Would like one that locks. I might reduce the rear sprocket to get more high end. I haven't found one smaller than 36ers?

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    Stiletto seat

    I really need to know how to make that seat for my stiletto bike..or can you make it and i pay you for it?
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    Hi Hitman1. The seat was made from a large aluminum frying pan I salvaged from my father-in-laws closed restaurant. The Stiletto has two threaded mounting holes in the top tube that is perfect for mounting a seat. I fabricated my seat based on the old Harley Davidson motorcycles that had springer seats mounted similar to this one. I suggest you shop around for an old seat pan and fabricate something from there. Sorry, but the seat is one-of-a-kind, I'm not sure I could make another one even if I had another frying pan. Good luck.
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    Amazing bike! I want one now!
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    WHAT If I get a Bobber seat conversion seat and just line up the holes on the Bike and screw the Plate to it. Then just add the seat with some six inch springs?