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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Charlie, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. Charlie

    Charlie Guest

    Two Motorized Bikes - His and Hers. Built last year and first posted for sale last April. Both bikes feature an 80cc King's Motors engine kit on a Micargi Pantera Cruiser bike with coaster brakes. I bought the kits and the bikes brand new last year. Both have very low miles and are ready to run. I built them for me and my wife, but my wife preferred a scooter instead (No pedals - Gasp!:shock:). Have been garage kept and would be fun for someone this summer. I live in Virginia Beach, VA and they can be seen and picked up here. Was asking $800 for both. Now asking $750. My phone number is: (706) 577-3475, or you can e-mail me at: Thanks, Charlie.

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  2. RedGreen

    RedGreen Member

    [/B]Nice bikes, I told a friend.[/B]
  3. $750.00 for BOTH?

    Now that's pretty sweet.
  4. Charlie

    Charlie Guest

    Yep - Both

    Yes Sir, $750 takes them both. (Two [2] bikes, that is.)
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  5. Meer123

    Meer123 Member

    would you consider selling just one ?
  6. Charlie

    Charlie Guest

    Can do that.

    Prices separate are: $350 for the blue/black & $400 for the black/red. Thanks, Charlie.
  7. Meer123

    Meer123 Member

    thank you - I am interested but I need to sell 2 of the motorized MTB's I already have ... I will contact you if/when that happens to find out if you still have your cruisers
  8. Charlie

    Charlie Guest

    One left

    I have sold the black and red bike, but still have the blue and black one for sale. Thanks.
  9. rwidmann

    rwidmann New Member


    Do you ship?If so how much to ny,10509?
    THKS RW:rolleyes:
  10. Meer123

    Meer123 Member

    it's not my bike - I just found it on Craigslist and figured I'd share it with the motorized bike community ...
  11. Meer123

    Meer123 Member

    sorry - looks like I replied to the wrong thread ...
  12. Charlie

    Charlie Guest


    Thanks for the inquiry. Both bikes are now sold.