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  1. timtooth

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    So I started my break in on my motor,broke two bolts on my spocket.

  2. jeffuehrer

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    Replace them all with high grade steel bolts. 8.8 should work. Personally I use 10.9 because I've even experienced slight wear on the 8.8. I usually see parts of motored bikes every ride and wonder what the story is behind them.
  3. LR Jerry

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    Always carry tools with you. Breaks downs are going to happen.
  4. timtooth

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    thanks I love this site
  5. jeffuehrer

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    I just replaced my stock sprocket and mount set-up with a pineapple sprocket mount set-up and there was absolutely no wear on the 10.9 bolts so I was able to reuse them. (pic attached)

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  6. fm2200

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    I am in my 4 year with 2 bikes and it still is great to go without all the things required for mc riding. This is a very carefree hobby/transport. I love reading about guy's & girls that share the same feeling of riding a gas powered bike. Since I started riding, I now ride a non powered bike more than I ever did before. The exercise is what I need, so I sometimes go without the power, and get a work out.
  7. timtooth

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    I also put a cheap non powered one togather, rarely driving cars
  8. timtooth

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    So I took my bike out for a quick ride and I forgot to unwarp my lock completely from around wheel.
    Well the cable got stuck and broke my sprocket, had to push my bike home on really hot day.
    What really funny is that it would of been a quick fix but I left my tool bag at home.