Still good folks left in this world

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    I was riding around on my motorized bike and I hit a 3 inch screw that totally destroyed my tire. I simply had no options. I was stranded on the side of the road. So, I just decided to walk with the bike to think about what I was going to do. So there was a bike shop that I new of about 5 miles away so my plan was to go there get a new tire and tube and just motor on down the road.
    While walking with the bike a guy in a pick up truck pulls up next to me and says "need a lift I am a roadie" Well I said "ya" to the bike shop about 5 miles away from here. So simple as that he loads my bike into that truck and drives me to that shop. Turns out this guy is an ER doc at one of our local hospitals. And that he is also a cyclist. And He knows the owner of the shop that I was heading to. He had his two boys in that truck with him after an outing to the park. What a nice guy. I mean he just saved me from a 5 plus mile walk with a bike. There are still a lot of really decent folks left in this world!
    I bought that new tire and tube and rode home. But, this little act of kindness from a stranger was just totally refreshing!


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    ain't that the truth. Every once in a while I too am the recipient of an "random act of kindness". Kind of restores my faith in humanity...for a while. Also tends to make me return the favor.
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    Had the same happen to me several years ago riding on Navaho Nation land in New Mexico in the hot sun. I had a spare tire and a full patch kit. I ran out of both...there wasa lot of broken glass and other hazards on the highway of death (formerly route 666) that I couldn't avoid. It was close to 100 deg F outside with 120% humidity (I'm exagerating). I try to play it forward and do the same for others.