still having clutch adjustment problem



sorry for the post but i have a hard time using the search at work , my problem seems to be that my clutch engages when it wants to...if i push the clutch lever out to engage it it engages but if i pull on the lever on my handlebard to disengage, it doesnt go back and engage when i release.
when it is engaged it only seems to be half engaged like its slipping. Any help would be awesome.
again im sorry for having to post a new thread but im at my wits end.
Yeah ive seen that pic a hundred times but it doesnt help, does my return spring need to have a greater pushing force? it just doesnt seem to have the umph to return it to where it engages..i was told i dont even need that spring whats up?
i edited your subject line, please be specific in tech/mech...not much search help for others when the subject merely says "sorry", don't sweat it, but in the future...?

i think your cable itself may be the problem, it sounds like maybe it's frayed inside the housing? just a guess, but maybe it'll help.

You might want to check the clutch cable housing...I had a new engine kit where the cable housing was broken (the metal in the housing) which allowed the cable to kink and sometimes cause the clutch to work properly and sometimes not work properly....Duane at Dax is sending me a new cable...
Hope this helps you
Nope as far as the mechanics of the handle bar clutch lever and the engine clutch lever, they work perfectly in unison. no problem there. My problem is that it seems as though the clutch is slipping. Ive adjusted it the way the forum has suggested and , nothing.....ive adjusted it the way i thought it should go....nothing, i beefed the return spring pressure and still nothing. i know the pads are good because i have only put about a half of a tank of gas through it, and visually checked it, alittle fraying on some of the edges but no scourch marks or burn marks nothing.
the reason i think that it is slipping is that when the clutch is engaged i can push the bike and the rear wheel turns but the motor does not. is there a way to increase the pressure of the friction disk against the clutch pads? i wanna ride this devil cycle ssooooo bad but i cant get the clutch right.
Did you ever figure out your clutch issue? My buddy just recently aquired a "happy time motor" and I think it had a similar type issue. I had the cable nice and snug and it would engage and disingage the clutch arm quite nicely, but it was still slipping. His problem was that the Star nut was not tight enough and was allowing the clutch to slip. What you need to do is this, remove the tear drop cover over the clutch, remove the small set screw holding in the clutch adjustment nut (star shape). The only way I found to tighten the star nut was to use a pair of open needle nose pliers and insert them in any two of the opposing slots. With your clutch lever in, give the star nut a twist to the right (clockwise). This has to be done with kind of a sharp jerk because the entire clutch assembly will spin on you. Make sure that you line up the star nut to allow for the small set screw to be put back in place. Once you get the star nut all the way snug, back it off to accomodate the set screw. Best of luck. If you need pics, let me know...I can try to muster something up for you.
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Sounds like it, I was having clutch slipping issues and tightening the clutch cover nut about 1/8 turn fixed it. (Then I got cocky and started without pedalling and now I need new clutch pads, but I digress)
You may need a cable adjustment

Try this. With the clutch lever in the released outward position adjust the little brass cable-end to allow about 1/16" free play between the clutch lever and the brass cable-end.