Still looking for a round tank.

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    Try swapmeets.....i've found them to be an excellent source of parts that can be adapted for a persons particular needs.
    Never know what ya gonna find.
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  4. HI,

    A friend of mine has this tank for sale (pic attached) :

    1 Gallon DOT Approved Fuel Tank

    Dimensions: (6-inches x 12-inches)

    Aluminum Tank comes with: Black Steel Brackets, Vented Cap, 1/4NPT Threaded Outlet Centered.

    I don't know off hand what he wants for it but you can PM me if you are interested.

    Hope this helps you.


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    Small beer keg

    I have seen some small kegs in stores. Great idea. They didn't make them when I was still drinking.

    The Moon line are nice units, but a little out of my price range. )

    Thanks, Jim
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    Round Tanks

    Nice products and pretty reasonable for what they put into them. Thanks,

    Still wanting to be cheap and not spend as much for the tank as I did for the new bike. 8O) = Jim
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    how far are you planning to be from a gas station?
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    I doubt i will be over 10 miles either in town or camping. I think around 2 - 3 quarts should do. Gas goes bad so fast here (maybe anywhere anymore) that if an engine sits for over a week, it is best to drain the tank. Stabil is a necessity for generators, pressure washer, motor home or any other now and then use items.

    My Honda guy told me before he retired that gas in a one gallon can will go bad for most home owners before they use it in their lawn mower. Something on the order of 30 days +. For sure it does in my premix for the chainsaw and leaf blower.

    I always turn off the fuel and run the carb. dry if not going to use it for a couple of days.

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    I think ebay is always a good place to look. I would suggest that something sturdy be used. There are beverage containers made of thin aluminum I would not use because they would be dangerous. You do not want something that will split easily....that's a recipe for burning flesh.
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    eBay for gas tank?

    Good find. That is what I have been looking for.

    The first thing I did was call lawn mower repair shops and they hadn't seen one in years. )

    The problem with any small keg would be the expense of getting the aluminum fittings and then the welding. Didn't really look like a good option. If I were building a dune buggy, the 15 gallon beer keg would be a good option.

    Hope the eBay item is still reasonable in 6 days when the bids ends?


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    You don't need welded fittings. What you want to look for is something called a "deck fill" for a boat. They're anywhere from $10-$40 depending on how fancy you get.

    I was planning on using one of these on a fabricated fiberglass tank. The screws probably won't sink into the thin metal on the mini keg though. I would recommend cutting off the filler tube so you can reach in there with your fingers and use a nut and bolt to secure it.

    Also, as fun as it is to empty a mini-keg that has been filled with delicious beer, getting an unused one has it's advantages. namely that you don't have to clean any paint off of it, and it only has one hole in the side instead of two:
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    A tank like that , in good shape, will probably bring $20. Look thru all the pages at this site to see MANY tanks like it. You may post on their forum as well.
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    Mini-Keg And Deck Fill

    I love the idea. The deck fill does answer the filler problem. The mini-keg looks to have a plastic plug (bung) in the top? (or end if laying down). What is the arrangement? The second hole you mention must be for a spigot installed at the bottom?

    I stopped the suds 26 years ago, so have missed out on a lot of the developments in the industry. )

    There is a West Marine up the steet so getting the deck fill should be a snap.

    Since you have worked out the big problem, what would you suggest for the outlet / drain cock?

    Harbor Freight has a blind nut tool that works great for installing a nut in a metal plate. It works like a pop rivet, only pulls the threaded end up under the inside of the metal and mushrooms the barrel. I think it puts in half a dozen sizes up to 1/4". I have only used it to install some 1/4" nuts for CCTV mounts. There are a number of places on motorized bikes where it would be good to have a captive nut.


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    Antique Engines

    The antique engine thing could be a whole new hobby. I saw mention of a Maytag engine. Dad used to talk of a Maytag washer they had on the farm (Bond County IL). Little flex pipe exhaust trailing a stream of blue smoke while washing the 10 kids clothes. )


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    If push comes to shove and you have to fabricate one diesel exhaust pipes (F350, etc.) go up to 4". Muffler shops should have odds and ends.

    Get a 12" piece, cap the ends, 1/4"NPT for an outlet and a vented gas cap, a little paint and you're in business. Leather mounting straps from an old belt would give a vintage look.

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    too bad you weren't looking earlier...