Engine Trouble Still no luck!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by rider30ab, Aug 19, 2012.

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    So my original posts were answered and all suggestions taken. Still got spark from plug. ith plug removed i see and hear the piston moving. when plug is screwed back in and pedals are turned...nothing. no pop no sound of engine even trying to start. CDI replaced, woodruff key checked, magneto putting out the correct power, and clutch has been adjusted umpteen times. what else. I believe thats it all seems to check out correctly. no air leaks. carb has been checked and nothing is obstructing in it. any more thoughts. what is strange is when fuel is dropped into plug hole and plug immediately installed and cranked...nothing. not a pop. no sound. other than what sounds like gears turning. I have pulled my hair out with this thing. any further help would be great. any suggestions on timing other than the magnetcutouts being at 12 and 6 when piston is top dead center and woodruff key being at 1 o'clock. those are all correct as well. I am totally stumped. Thanks everybody

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    This may take a bit of thought and great patience, hang in there.

    Did you put your finger over the spark plug hole and roll the bike to be sure you have enough compression to blow your finger off the hole? Do you hear a high-pitched squeak when you try to start it? Problems here could mean that the head bolts weren't tightened properly at the factory.

    What kind of engine is it, and what kind of carb? What is your fuel mix, and did you try a fresh spark plug?
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    how much fuel down the plug hole?

    try down the intake. a good capful... with no carb , no exhaust.

    but then... yes. finger over plug hole. hows compression?

    the cylinder...and the base gasket! head gasket! even...the crankcase gasket! done leak tests? fill it right up with kerosene or something...

    my first thoughts are you either have stuffed rings or that a gasket is wrong... to have no popping at all...

    oh yeah, and a new plug can help.
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    I would never advise a non-mechanic to try filling an engine with kerosene or any other liquid.