STILL no picture.



Well, I THINK I tried everything, and still can't post a picture. I guess the world isn't destined to see my "Huffy Davidson". I've introduced myself earlier, STILL can't upload. And WHAT pray tell, is the "white zone"? A picture is worth a thousand words........Why can't I show mine? Otherwise, I love the website. Keep up the good work.



please, nhman, can u give us details on where the u/l process is failing?

the white zone...well, there are a few clues scattered about, and i do believe i even posted the answer once...good luck :)


nhman, i got your email.

the picture is HUGE and that's prolly the'll take forever to upload at that size.

re-size your pics to 600 pixels wide maximum before uploading, that should do it.

btw-that's a really nice build, i can't wait to see it in our gallery :D


You are most likely using a digital camera to take these pics, then put them on your computer, where you then upload your pics to this website. Turn onj the camera, look through the options and choose the lowest resolution setting ,it should be around 640x480, and is easy for the site to resize. I do this and it works fine. Plus you don't really lose any of the quality the big pictures have, its just smaller.
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