Still No Spark - Whizzer Motorbike


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Nov 29, 2017
( I'm new to this site. I should have posted this in Whizzer rather than in general. )

I am using the GY6 trouble-shooting document as a guide.

My CDI has a different connector. See attached picture.

My key switch and the "Stop / Run" switch short to ground when either of them is in the off position

OHM Meter Readings:

CDI power winding - Black/Red to ground = 520 ohms

Sensor Lead - Blue/Yellow to ground = 110 ohms

Coil Primary - 0.3 ohms

Coil Secondary - 7,200 ohms


Tested by spinning the flywheel by hand with the plug out (no electric start) using Fluke DMM

Black/Red power wire - 18 VAC

Blue/Yellow Trigger wire - 0.1 VAC

CDI Output – coil not connected - 1.5 VAC

CDI Output - coil connected – 0.0 VAC

1. Am I better to buy a DC CDI and re-wire the bike?

2. Do the DC CDIs give stronger, more reliable spark?

3. Where can I buy the correct replacement AC CDI matching the one pictured?

Thanks in advance!