Carby still screwed!!!!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by TenaciousT, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Helloooo again fellow motorbikers. well i have found a few things out while reading other builders problems. my 48cc Skyhawk came with a yd skyhawk "hi performance" carb. more like no performance carb. on good warm days (50 f and above) i have to run an air restricting cover that i made myself. looks like a c that fits between my air filter and the mesh spacer that keeps my carb from sucking the filter in. and to day, (about 42 f) it ate through a quarter tank in less that two miles. i'm used to working on larger motors, like harley davidsons and hondas, and so i am just not understanding this particular carb. the choke works exactly backwards of any other carb i have rebuilt or worked on. it add a shot of pure gas to the carb rather than restricting the air flow like larger carbs. so my ? is will bying an NT or C.N.S carb help or hinder my problem? I have atleast 75 dollars into fixing it. help.

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    All my builds have NT carburetors, wouldn't at this time have anything else. Sure there are better carburetors, but not for the buck. Make sure that the crankcase isn't filled with fuel mix.
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    i did figure out one thing that might work. by creating a baffle for the carb, i would be able to change my air as needed wile riding. im going to try it from the outside of the carb. ex (a soup can over the air port that runs off a index thumb lever.) will add results after build and testing.
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    Just by an nt carb...they're like $12.00 brand new.
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    how strange...every "big" carb ive worked on has ALWAYS had a "shot of gas" choke, or the second plunger on the side... very common on mikuni... everything from the vm18 to the 42 has one...:confused:

    its the simple ones that have actual "chokes", that restrict! anyways...

    get an nt :)

    this isnt a harley or a honda. its a 1940 russian design. far superior to a harley :) we change our mixture with jets and stuff, not baffles... :jester: