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    It's been a week since I dropped off my 44T sprocket at the machine shop to open up the center hole to fit the disc brake hub on my Felt Hot Wheels bicycle but alledgedly the die cutter broke during the first cut and now must wait on my machine shop guru to get it all in gear. Be wary, these machine shop specialists are quite tempermental and must be handled with care because they have what we need and one little sprocket means little to them :( So I mounted my engine and am just waiting on that one little part...AArr.

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Yup, waiting stinks doesn't it?

    But it sound as though you'll end up with a superior drive sprocket. I'll bet it will be worth the wait.

    good luck.
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    first off -- welcome

    and then -- yes - that's the truth (machine shops)

    but - they got it going on with those specialized repairs !

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
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    My machinist's wife once remarked to me, "People get mad at us over our prices, but they don't have any idea what these machines cost!"

    That might explain some crankiness, I suppose.
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    Chain too short for the Felt Hot Wheels 40th Ann. bike

    I got everything together, installed the chain and found it too short. Yikes, what kind of monster am I creating? This Felt Hot Wheels 40th anniversary bike seems quite different but no fear, the motorcycle shop is near and hopefully by noon I'll be working on my break-in miles but first, I need to replace all those nasty Chinese made fasteners with some good old fashioned Grade 8's! I stripped one of the clutch cover bolts when removing the cover so I might as well take care of it. As a former motorhead ('66 Valiant slant sixer), I'm quite used to replacing studs and bolts but this is so much more fun because I can do this sitting in my easy chair and still get to watch all my favorite sports! This forum rocks! Thank you all for the advice. I just wish the chinese manufacturers had kept up their production standards but you just can't beat the price of all this, dirt cheap:D:smile:
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    My good friend who referred me to this machine shop actually went to the shop and got the job done. Yeah. Now the chain is the issue but I do have 2 feet and a bus pass so off I go when my work shift ends.
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    Hi Sunsetboy, Can you post some pics of your rear sprocket setup? I am doing the same to my felt and I want to see how yours came out. Is yours a three speed hub?
    Thanks, Hotrodlincoln
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    Felt 3 speed hub

    Well hotrod,
    I simply removed the first two gears because they are on a faulty casette. These cogs come out in one piece while the largest cog is mounted to the freewheel. Mine were either damaged our just plain faulty. I do not doubt Jim Felt's ability to make a quality bicycle but he chose to have this part machined in house instead of relying on a proven manufacturer (ie: Shimano), but I digress. Something was wrong with the casette carrying the first two gears because they simply would not spin freely. This in turn provided me the space to adjust the spacing on the wheel to clear the chain. Though I'll be glad to provide a picture if it helps but I needed to do this just because of it impaired the bicycle. :rockon:
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