stingray anti vibration mount

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  1. bloodeagle

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    i plan to mount these between the motor mount and plate.
    going to fab a livefast or barry style mount- mounted to a 8 1/4"x3 5/16" plate on the frame.
    schwinn stingray OCC
    will the engine be to high for carb filter?
    will i need a 90 deg elbow intake or just a foam filter?
    will the engine torque rip these up?
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  2. professor

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    What you got there Eagle is isolators. The studs and a flat on them are bonded to a rubber center.
    If you had a shaft drive (like in a car) there would be no problem.
    The issue is they will allow the engine to be pulled off center by the drive mechanism's load. You would need some kind of torque arm to carry any pull the drive gives.
  3. bloodeagle

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    ill mount it plate to plate then order some hd 1/2" thick and see how it goes.
    the ray is a rigid so anything will help!
  4. AussieSteve

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    They could possibly be adapted to stop side-to-side movement. A short length of steel tube, open at one end with a thick steel washer welded to the other end. Slide it up over the rubber, held in place by the bolt at one end going through the washer. Can you picture it?

    ... Steve