Stingray Chopper w 80cc next project

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by waynezworld, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. waynezworld

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    I just ordered my kit from bikeberry and plan to work this one to make my new Stingray chopper gas powered. I love the huge rear tire and low profile.
    my only concerns are for braking. I really need some front kind of front disc setup for the 24" wheel. I also have some ape hangers that will make it a little harder to steer. Pics will be on the way once my kit gets here.

    Peace, Wayne

  2. scokes

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    Welcome to the site Wayne, Everyone is here to help in any questions you may have.

    have you got anything worked out for a mount yet? I have got a Stingray and a motor, I just haven't gotten around to building the mount yet... Seriously someone needs to fabricate and sell these for the Happy Times Engines and that particular bike...

    Eno (from down under) if I am not mistaken has his mount plans posted on the site somewhere.

    Good Luck and have fun.
  3. Stingray496

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    Stingray 1st build

    :cool2:Hey Wayne, My Dad and I just finished my Chopper it looks and rides great!!
    We went to a car show this past Saturday and really turned some heads. My Dad built our Motor mounts and moved the motor over 2" to line up the chain. He also told me to search on ebay that he found a motor mount for stingray's for around $50. Good Luck Stingray496
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    you could take the forks of and old p.o.s dirts bike and use its drum or disk brake setup
  5. Stingray496

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    chopper w/80cc

    I haven't had any trouble stopping yet... But again my Dad has the idle sit to shut off the engine if I come to a stop sign or light. I have the front and rear brakes ,from the factory, we had to adjust a little. Thanks

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  6. waynezworld

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    nice Job

    My stingray is a little older and does not have any front brake. And it has handle bars that sit on the forks top. I will have to scrounge up some kind of brake.

    Peace, Wayne
  7. tskrem

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    waynezworld how is the build going? i may be getting 1 on the weekend.
  8. arkives1

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    Wayne, I have an occ chopper also with 66/80 cc engine. My engine mount came from Barry of Ebay, do a search for Schwinn OCC Chopper on ebay it will come up. I added 11 inch rise ape hangers for knee clearance. Yes, the steering is certainly different when combining the hangers with the rake of the front fork, be careful until you get used to it. For front brakes I got lucky and stumbled across the tree portion of the front end and by removing the bottom section that clamps onto the fork tubes I now have a place to weld on a small steel plate to bolt on the front brakes. If you want to use a front fender (looks better with it) you want to be sure to get the longest reach calipers you can find for clearance around the fender. I know others have welded pieces into the fork to do this also, that locks the tubes together though.
    I have added a jackshaft and a five speed set up to mine as well, trust me, this is not an easy build but I have it working well now. I have very good gear ratios for both hill climbing and cruising, my one complaint is that it's quite slow in the lower gears and won't climb in the higher ones. The small rear wheel makes a big difference there. Good luck with your build. If I can help feel free to private message me and I'll try to help. By the way, these bikes are real head turners.